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"Uhm, I think I am fine, I was only going to, uh, look at some of your artifacts here in your stall.
... Although, what is the price that you offer for the Starworm blood?"
"Starworm blood hasn't been selling well, can't imagine why. I'd say I can sell you two vials for 5gp. As for my artifacts, name any spell you know of. I've got a wide variety of quite a few of them, plus my more exotic artifacts, though, judging by your looks, I'd say you're not experienced enough to master the majority of them. On top of that, I've got more exotic elixirs if you would like to peruse that collection, containing some of the rarer potables that you can't find at your average alchemist. Name what you want to look at, and we'll see what we can do for you."
"Do you have anything for conversion or promotion spells?"
Mal'ash is just standing slightly behind Fendrel, looking bored, and messing with his dragon.
"Do you have anything for conversion or promotion spells?"

He nods and begins pulling out books and sets them in array in front of you.

Conversion - Non Arcane
  • Electrify
  • Cook/Melt
  • Frost Touch (x2)
  • Extinguish (x3)
  • Palm Flame (x2)

Conversion - Arcane
  • Cast Lighting
  • Fireball (x2)
  • Permafrost
  • Crystallize/Condense

Conversion - Artifacts
  • Cendial Blade
  • Impact Gauntlet
  • Lektrick Trap (x5)
  • Empra Amulet

Promotion - Non-Arcane
  • Lesser Heal (x3)
  • Magic Shield
  • Reinforce
  • Heal (x2)

Promotion - Arcane
  • Free
  • Bar Observers
  • Vital Dodge
  • Greater Heal

Promotion - Artifacts
  • Quasimor Amulet
  • Parlay Armour
  • Fyerma Amrour
  • Copper Dragon Heartstring Staff

"This is my collection. I sell the non-arcane books for 30gp each and the arcane for 70gp. The artifacts sell at individual prices and I can elaborate their function and purpose if you want. Any of these tickle your fancy?"
"I think I will purchase your book on the Reinforce spell.
May I ask about the Cendial Blade and Fyerma Armour, out of curiosity?"
-30gp (20gp remaining)
+ 1 Spell (Reinforce) (I'll assume the spell was for you and not for someone else)

He scratches his chin. "Well, the Cendial Blade is formed from a hybrid Titanium/Shadowsteel blade, itself originally a standard steel alloy mined from the Western ridge of the Hi'kay mountains, and smelted in a batch under the supervision of the Dwarven High Smith. It was alternately enchanted by a High Priestess of Afuegus and a Archdruid of Ruin, granting the metal its magical properties, and then poured onto a lattice of aged Cendial Varnrut.

The Shadowsteel and Titanium mixture means it can only be wielded by a magically neutral source - neither Mage nor Paladin - otherwise it is likely to shatter on use. The properties of the duel materials, though, means it is devastating to Holy and Unholy creatures alike, and the Cendial Varnrut means it is capable of summoning and projecting flames akin to a wand or staff with Fireball bound to it, of the holy, unholy, or natural varieties. Current asking price is 220gp, though I'm open to barter or trade for it.

<Dwarven Mastersmith Steel Sword - 7 (+1 Smith Bonus, +3 Material Bonus, +1 Racial Bonus) Damage - 12 Total Damage - 5ft Range - 3x damage to Holy/Unholy creatures - Can cast Fireball and Holy/Cursed Flame

The Fyerma Armour is a traditional set of standard steel, which has been plated with scales from an Archaic Copper Dragon and further enhanced with a thin lining of Vistag fur. The combined properties make it conducive to magic, as well as further heightening any healing spells cast and providing additional bolstering to the health and well-being of the wearer. My asking price for this set is 90gp, though, again, I'm willing to barter or trade.

<Steel Armour - 3 Defense (+1 Mystical Material Bonus) - 4 Total Defense - 2x effect to all healing spells cast - +1 Max Health/Level to Wearer - Heals wearer 1 damage per round - Makes wearer immune to sickness and illness>

"Can I put you down for either of these, or will that be all for today?"

Is now a good time to mention you guys left some swords and armour that could be sold around six pages ago?
(We should probably get to those, yeah)

Yes, I think that would be all for today, thank you very for your services.
Although, may I ask if you have any potions for healing?"
"Unfortunately, nothing similar to a classical healing potion, unless you're looking for something more..exotic?

"I'd suggest you look for an alchemist if you're on the hunt for potions, I'm pretty sure there's one in the market somewhere around here."

With that, bells toll in the distance, marking the time. 10 clangs echo through the streets of Margael
"Guess that will be my next destination. Thank you once again.
Also, I'll take the two vials of Starworm blood for down the road."
-5gp (15gp remaining)
+2 Vials Enhanced Starworm Blood (4 per slot)

He bids you farewell and calls over a customer from the other side of the market, engaging them in a conversation about whether or not they need enchanted hubcaps for a carriage they don't own.
"Sorry to keep you waiting," he says to Mal'ash, if he is still there.
"It's okay, lets go"
“. . . I think I’ll keep them for right now, sorry. I know someone else who would appreciate these better, hopefully.
Sorry to keep you waiting so long.”
"Is there anywhere you need to visit? To purchase or sell?"
> oh sorry were you talking to me?
> if so,

"No, not really, i've got most of the things i need already, lets go"
Fendrel begins to walk along the road, joining busy traffic. He looks in aim of finding an alchemist among the market crowd.
"Now that I think about it, i would like a new whetstone and a medium-small knife."
Fendrel begins to walk along the road, joining busy traffic. He looks in aim of finding an alchemist among the market crowd.

Search : 1d20 (18) + Modifier (-1) = 17
You manage to find a human woman sitting behind what appears to be a myriad of glassware filled with various liquids. Her face is covered with ash and she seems to be struggling with a creature in a bottle, though you can't tell exactly what. Her eyes are covered by a pair of dark goggles.

<Donutman Andromeda, would you like to go look for those items yourself or stick with Fendrel for the time being?>
> just follwing fendrel around
Fendrel waits in front of the woman's stall, not wanting to interrupt or disrupt her efforts.
Can he identify the creature?
Arcane Knowledge : 1d20 (4) + Modifer (0) = 4

From a very basic interpretation, it appears to be a rodent of some form, struggling to get out of a glass prism. It stops and turns its head towards you, shining big, beautiful purplish-blue eyes that shimmer and twist in clouds similar to a lava lamp. There's something alluring about those eyes, they make you think of home, of safety, of a warm cup of Irdian Tea and melty-goey chocolate-chip cookies, before this adventure took you out of your way. Before Ridlean ripped you away from what you knew, and took you towards the unknown. Towards danger. But not the eyes. The eyes are safe. Comforting. Inviting.

Saving Struggle Throw : 1d20 (2) + Modifier (0) = 2

Maybe it would be better if you got a closer look. You step forward. Towards the eyes, towards this creature that is obviously only here to comfort you, to protect you. To help you. It's unfair of that woman to keep such a beautiful creature in captivity. Perhaps you should let it out? Yes, let it out, what a good idea. Then you can be friends. As you step towards it, the cruel, evil, not-to-be-trusted woman notices.

"What do you think you're doing?" she says, in a cruel voice, sneering. She hates you. She thinks that you're not special. You should attack her and free the eyes. Prove that you're not worthless. Prove your wrong.

She begins to bring her hand down. She's trying to cover the eyes! She's trying to cut you off from those beautiful eyes! Don't let her! DON'T LET HER COVER THE -

Her hands cut off the eye contact between you and the rodent, suddenly you're snapped back. The world seems less vivid then before, like the colors suddenly muted from what they were. The rodent scurries around and tries to reestablish eye contact, but she keeps her hand between you and it. She lies the bottle beneath the counter.

"You okay?" she asks, concerned. "You look like you've been hit pretty hard by it. Sorry about that, I ran out of ipen tears, and I needed to stock up. What, is this your first time seeing one? And it looked like he had you pretty strong there - you didn't try to resist?"
"Hey mate, you okay there? Hypnosis isn't something to be messed with."
"oh... is that what it was?" says Fendrel, his voice quavering just a little.
He takes a second to regain some composure, feebly raising the backside of his hand to his face to rub his eyes.
"It was, unlike anything I have experienced before.. to say the least.. I think I am alright now."
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