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Reminiscent of the Past
# PM ALL songs in the Arcaea pack on Past difficulty.
<Awards 250 points>
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[DAN][5th and up]
/* PLEASE NOTE: I will be requiring individual screenshots. However, to reduce clutter, please message the images to me rather than post them in <#703612780384747641>. *
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bro what

it was this emoji I created in a Discord server.
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eramodlatest -

Excellent. Makes it manageable and also not being too hard on yourself.
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(a photo, can’t send it here)
Pink dot. Pink dot.
vibe with me and my music?
if %rand3% == 1 (
echo You try to tell him that he needs to get his life together.
echo He ignores you.
pause >nul
I had an image copied.
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