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dang, just late on the draw.
win win win
lose lose lose
Sometimes I may win
Sometimes I lose
It's just a game that I play
Oh, that's cool.
Cool, that's oh.
i am <color value="#fbfcfc">俺は</color>
  • "#fbfcfc" is not a valid color name.
what is the longest thread on the forums?
It's probably this one
So, how's everyone doing?
Eh. Alive I guess.
Well, that's the bare minimum, so at least it's a start.

You sound like you're having fun.
it's the second week of online school and we're already back to middle-of-the-year levels of procrastination.

frick me.

1 AM and counting.
Oof. I feel.
1 AM? I've got you beat with 3:41 AM (4AM yesterday too)

We're living the dream (of procrastination)!
It's almost 2 AM and I'm not even close to tired. Night owls for the win.
Nice. Late night among us murder?
does homework ire you?
especially because you're taking your first AP class and it's giving you a real run for your money?
oof oof OOOOOF

<color value="#fafbfc">tres bien</color>
  • "#fafbfc" is not a valid color name.
your first AP class


I've got four.
oh no
Wasn't homework a punishment when it was first made?
Dang, I'm just slightly late to the party

Edit: actually, I'm not—I was right on time.
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