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\\When we named characters. Just named them after ourselves, I guess.

Mathy: Can you wait just one second? I need to take one last look for secret compartments, since the trail runs dead here.
Fatty: Mathy, I think we gotta go
Addison: “guys, where is it? It should be here! Did it get taken already?!?”
Fatty: Huh? That's strange
Mathy: I can't find any hidden compartments in any of the furniture here. The note told us there had to be something here. I might have to keep looking around.
Addison: “have you checked beneath the arm chair?”
Mathy: I can't find anything in the floorboards. No loose areas.
Fatty: have you checked the floorboards? I couldn’t find it behind the TV
Addison: “guys, the desk is empty.”
Fatty: There's nothing under the lampshade. Wait, why would it be under the lampshade?
Addison: “you check the lampshade? I’ll check the desk.”
Mathy: I think we need to diversify our search. It might not be as obvious as we thought it was. I'll check behind the posters.
Fatty: guys, we’re getting nowhere, time is of the essence
Mathy: I said I already checked the safe! I know there isn't a false back because I knocked on it! I know the dial isn't set to two locks because we can see the locking mechanism. I don't know what we're missing!
Addison: “did you check the safe for a false back? There was absolutely nothing in dresser.”
Mathy: Rechecked the filing cabinets. Man, why is it so hard to find the next clue? It should be a small statue or a roll of paper, right?

Recorded Voice : I'm noticing it's been twenty minutes since you've 
activated this recording, and you still haven't found the next clue yet. 
I was under the assumption you were treasure hunters worthy of my 
inheritance. I suppose if you're stumped by this sort of thing, you are
in no way worthy of it. And if you can't find it, the clue will disintegrate
itself before the end of the hour, along with the contents of this room.
The fire will likely engulf the manor, and any of my riches will go with it.
All chance to inherit my millions will go up in - well - smoke.
Fatty: there’s nothing useful in the computer
Addison: “I’ll check the dresser. I wonder what the wardrobe of a dead man is.”
Fatty: who’s gonna check the dresser?
Mathy: Fatty, check the computer. It should be the most obvious spot after the safe. I thought I heard some hollow spaces in the wall, so I'm going to check there.

//I like how before we just wrote the next line but now we're all following our own characters//
Fatty: what a large room, how are we gonna find the next clue here?
Mathy: The recording said it was in this room.
Addison: “guys! Over here!”
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