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^ is distorted, inverted Finland
< is going to eat lunch soon
v has had a very nice day
^why yes I have
< loves Diet Coke
v thinks that Diet Coke is gross
^ Enjoys a nice carbonated beverage. Cheers!
< Not a big sodapop person. I don't hate it.
v Doesn't like cold drinks.
^ I'll have you know I enjoy a wide variety of chilled drinks
< Just discovered the wonder of the handmade simple milkshake
v Prefers the modern ice-cream based milkshake
^I am not quite sure what you're talking about
<Has class rn
v has played Among Us
^ may have also played among us
< has never been the impostor
v is in online class right now
^ knows what Among Us is.
< is perhaps supposed to be in class...but that got scraped.
v does not have a fricked up virtual school thing.
^ Very much so wrong
< hates canvas and google meets with all her heart
v knows that < is justified
^ is justified
< isn't using canvas but understands ^'s pain
v was late to a class this year due to technical difficulties
^ Yes
< Actually missed one of his entire blocks due to the internet breaking while his brother was playing forknife
v Doesn't like forknife
^ had an unfortunate internet occurrence
< prefers spoons
v also likes spoons
^ if it means i don't play fortnite and my brother don't either, yes
< hates the fact that the chromebook update made it so that all browser data gets cleared everytime you sign out, and the fact that school exists
v wants to take a nap right now
^It's only 9 am central time and I already want to
<is wanting to take a nap
v can't take a nap because life won't let them
^Is tired
<Is tired of this project
v Is working on a project
^I'm getting too many projects at once
< Is living in the attic
v is not living in the attic
^ Has made an astute observation.

< Lives in a smalish apartment.

v Is a potato pretending to be human.
^ Is also a potato pretending to be a human
< Is most definitely a potato pretending to be a human, who isn't?
v doesn't like school
^ Correction. Didn't.

< Graduated a while ago.

v Thinks I'm old.
^ how old are ya anyways
< is 16
v knows that both keanu and obi wan look like jesus
<is not sus
v is sus
^ red sus
< is purple
v uses blue
^I use orange
<is not sus rn
v is not sus rn
^ What is sus

< Is 26 in 4 days

v Is slightly surprised.
^ Happy early birthday! Didn't expect that, really. I'm no good with dates.
< Also obtaining another year in a few days.
v Is the imposter.
^ Yes
< has a little crewmate pet
v thinks the pets are cute