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granted, everyone is asexual the human race goes extinct

i wish that zoom wasn't so sucky
Granted, it gets more expensive and everything switches away from it.

I wish for this wish to be corrupted
granted, someone punches you in the gut

i wish i didn't have to edit this wish in
granted, but your wish is now a wish for nothing so nothing exists

i wish my homework was already done so i can go play basketball
granted, you finish but it's now too late out to play basketball

i wish that i had 1 million dollars
Granted...but it’s in pennies, all individually scattered across all the places you frequent.

I wish I had ideas to wish on.
Granted, you have all the wish ideas you want. Additionally, you fall into a black hole.

I wish yoshis actually existed.
Granted, they eat you

I wish Tails (from Sonic) was real
Granted, he eats you.

I wish for a plate of wish for a plate of for a plate of plate of a plate of for a plate of wish for a plate of I wish for a plate of brisket.
granted, it eats you

i wish to be the end of the eat you chain
granted, but now you get raped

i wish i didn't have pe today
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
granted, but your only class for every other day is pe in the timespan of all your classes

i wish i got a raise
Granted, you get so tall that you can't stand in a single house.

I wish for world peace
Granted but aliens attack starting an intergalactic war that ends in Earth being destroyed.

I wish that Earth wasn't destroyed in the Intergalactic War of 2020
Granted, it was just moved out of the way and it is no longer habitable because it's not the right distance from the sun.

I wish there weren't tons of forest fires right now.
Granted. A huge tsunami and typhoon hits the US flooding everything in the states. Thousands of people die because of this. Hope you can swim.

I wish that time travel was possible with no consequences in doing so.
An earthquake appears off the west coast. Seismometers detect that it'll be a groundbreaking historic event. A month into autumn, a tsunami a mile high and several hundred miles across makes landfall at 3 am. The force is enough to sweep houses off their foundations, causing trillions of dollars of damage, decimating major cities, killing and injuring innumerable citizens. Oh and the fires go out too, I guess.

I wish it wasn't so cooold
gosh darned it at the same time?!
Granted, now it’s 130 degrees F outside and the air con died.

I wish people edited their posts instead of adding a new one.
Granted, but it doesn't show it as an edit, it shows it as a new post

i wish i didn't sign up for ap history and ap english and ap calc and ap physics
granted, you fuckin die

i wish my girlfriend wasn't feeling bad today
Granted, everyone else is feeling bad today.

I wish Among Us was free on PC as well as mobile.
granted. now everyone is as stupid on pc as they are on mobile.

i wish green didn't frame me
Granted, red framed you instead.

I wish for the NoteStriker project to be open for contribution soon
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