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Banned for pointing out the out-pointing of a pfp which had attention brought to it.
Banned for repitition.
banned for saying repitition
banned for repeating adsfjlk;'s misspelling of repetition
banned for lack of repetition of repitition
banned for repetition of both repetition and repitition
banned because repetition legitimizes
banned for not repeating that repetition legitimizes
Banned For not repeating the legitimization of repetition.
Banned because repetition legitimizes. repetition legitimizes. repetition legitimizes.
banned for legitimacy
banned for using the letter Y
Banned for Y
Banned because Y not
banned because why?
banned because wynaut
Banned so I can say pink dot
^ was banned for getting the pink dot
banned because it's gonna go away now
banned because you didn't actually lose the pink dot until now
banned for uttering those words
banned for being banned
banned for an overused ban
Banned for a lack of citation.
banned for reliance on the law
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