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out comes 13 androids and an Ipad

In goes a MHA sweater
out goes depression

in goes a fat lazy cat
out comes a skinny, spry dog.

in goes a left twix.
Out comes a sugar pill.

In goes sleep-based-procrastination.
Out comes procrastinating by doing other work.

In goes online school.
out comes just so much slacking. so much playing 3DS instead of paying attention.

in goes The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.
Out comes A Whole New World.

In goes apathy or something.
nothing that i care about came out

in goes Sidhartha Guetama
out comes starvation incarnate

in goes a vial of the reallll toxic stuff
Out comes another vial, long receipt (which is just a print of a very acrimonious Twitter thread), and an unpleasant headache.

In goes this orange dot.
Out comes my pink dot

In goes the blue dot
out goes badabi daboo die

in goes scatman
out comes nigel thornberry

in goes a bucket of molten rock
Out comes a bucket of ice.

In goes SCP 682
Out comes Dr Alto Clef

In goes Mary Sue
out goes angry incels

in goes an ingrown toenail
Out comes an expensive surgery

In goes plastic surgery
Out comes plastic bag

In goes super model
out comes sexy super man

in goes a 2002 ford mustang
Out comes a gnastum drof 2002

In goes backwards
sdrawrof seog tuo

in goes a different form game
out comes a free form game

in goes an ant
Out comes an elephant.

In goes Neil breen
Out comes Wallace Breen

In goes my hand
Out comes nothing. Gosh darned it, you just had to go and clog up the machine, did you?

In goes lubricant.
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