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granted. it is the bomb.

i wish for no bombs.
Granted, it's all Tetris 2

I wish for perfect knowledge of Linux
granted, your are completely ignorant to literally everything else in the world

i wish i could skip through this week until friday, october 23, 2020
granted. the world ends and you are the only human left alive.

i wish the world didn't end Wednesday.
granted, the world ends on thursday

i wish i could go home and play among us with my girlfriend
granted. she doesn't want to play.

i wish for no more climate change.
Granted. PPE and whatnot is no longer being manufactured. Good luck.

I wish I hadn't killed a kitten.
granted. you killed three you monster.

i wish that i could find the thread about killing kittens and double posts.
granted, your computer fuckin explodes

i wish i these shoes and these shoes
granted, they're far too small.

i wish these shoes didn't exist.
Granted, the people that own them become bankrupt, don't have any shoes to talk with, find that you erased them from existence, and sue you.

I wish I could magically generate food at my will. Not rotten, spoiled, or ruined.
granted. it has no nutritional value, and you die of malnutrition.

i wish everyone understood why those shoes were so bad.
Granted, but despite this, the company refuses to want to get rid of them. Soon enough, everyone is forced to wear them.

I wish I could be able to lucid dream.
granted, you have to wear those terrible shoes.
i could go on for days about why those shoes are so bad

i wish that those shoes at lease *looked* good.
Granted, they go out of stock tomorrow and get recalled the next day. A week later, the original design returns.

I wish you could stop ranting about shoes. Just let people wear what they want...
Granted. I will intervene to talk about something else.

I wish I could write sentences correctly the first time.
granted. they're structured almost as terribly as the pixel art on those shoes. and the spongey tongue. and the patch on the back that's already coming off. and horrible looking soles.

i wish i could stop this.
I can't grant that, since you didn't capitalize on ANY of the 'I's in your last post. Fix that, and your wish will be granted.

As your temporary English teacher, as soon as you do this, I will be wasting your time on something pointless, making you wish you never wished for this.

I wish of all the things I could wish for, I will be wishing of something ridiculous. I wish I was much more concise than of my current self.

Was this post just an excuse to get the yellow dot? Absolutely.
Granted, all of them are corrupted

> If you take the purple or the blue dot from me im gonna kill you

I wish that I won't have to kill ^
Granted, even though I won't steal your purple or cyan dot (this time), my existence will make you regret you wish this.

I wish more people knew about this site.
Granted, you don't

I wish that ^ hadn't said that, I have to kill ^ now
Granted, you get arrested. You are found guilty.

I wish I could show my emotions more easily.
granted, you show your emotions too easily and vent your problems to everyone you pass by on the street.

i wish school was over already
Granted. School is now over completely, nobody ever goes back, future generations know less and less because they don't want to take the time to learn anything, thinking school ended long ago because they progressed past the need for it. They didn't, they still needed it, now these future generations are a shell of their potential, they waste their time all day and all die young due to never properly knowing how to do/work things.

I wish I didn't write that.
Granted, but you can never write anything again

I wish i could fly
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