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Banned because you censored 'banned', which is also not a swear word.
banned for ninja'd
banned for not handing over the orange dot earlier. I am very disappointed in you. You should have done that a ling time ago. The orange dot belongs to me, after you told me how to get it. Get banned
Banned because now I’m confused.
Banned for not understanding how the dots work
banned because It'S nOt My FaUlT! sniff
banned for not being covid safe... sniffing is not allowed
banned because it was from sadness.
banned for being s*d
banned for unnecessary censoring.
banned for calling c*nsership unnecesary
banned because that's not what i said.
banned for not saying what you said
banned because i accused you of unnecessary censorship. censorship is an important tool, but if we use it randomly, it loses all meaning.
banned because you mean nothing
banned because is your brain in 240p?
Banned for not being in 120p
banned because that's worse.
Banned for keeping this thread alive for over a thousand pages
Banned because I don’t even think I was hear 100 pages ago.
Banned for using the wrong “here”
Banned for correcting other people's grammar.
Banned for not doing that.
Banned because I don't have an English class this semester, and therefore, it's not a requirement for me to correct grammar.
Banned because that does not excuse you.
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