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Banned because I disagree with you.
Banned for having a good opinion
Banned because I like astronauts more than ninjas and pirates.
Banned for defending the previous poster (OverChikin).
Banned for assuming that i didnt ban you
Banned for not banning me and disobeying the rules.
Banned for following the rules
Banned for P O G
Banned for Twintch em0te
Banned because it's not just the emote.
Banned because i am confused now
Banned for being confused
banned for being sus
Banned for throwing sus around
banned because blue vented
Banned because he isn't impostor, I saw him do med scan.
banned bc orange sus too, he is lying for blue they are working together
Banned for trust issues and paranoia.
Banned for not doing double killing with me
Banned because that implies that you're an impostor...
Banned for being a traitor
Banned because I'm not the impostor, bro. How could I betray you? I did scan.
Banned for, faking scan?
Banned because green saw me scan.
But where is green now?
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