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Banned for changing your PFP from banana cat, the god of us all.
Banned for changing your pfp to an average banana
Banned for changing yours back to Banana Cat, only after I said that you changed it.
banned for having green in your avatar.
Banned for being a hypocrite
banned for pointing out the point.
Banned for not giving a reason
Banned for yes
Banned for no
banned because i have a new pfp
Banned because you didn't continue the trend
banned because no
Banned because it is too late to continue the trend now
banned for not just going with it
Banned because it would ruin it if I did
banned for arguing about not continuing a trend
Banned for starting said thread.
banned for what
banned for what
banned for banned
banned for making no sense
banned for i sense making am
sense i am banned because
banned for not making sense
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