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strikethrough, you don't see it coming
Also it's literally in the name, it will strike you through.

Who would win in a fight, calls coming from inside the house, or a hax0r behind seven firewalls?
The calls are already inside the firewalls so you're pretty much pwnt.

Who would win in a fight: Cuban Pete or Panama Jack?
Cuban Pete, he's the one with missiles

Who would win in a fight: Will Ferrell or Pharrell Williams?
Will Ferrel, he's got weapons in movies
Who would win, Hermione Granger or Alex Russo?
We already know Hermione wins, it's in the first section of chapter twenty-three of Hogwarts, A History. Honestly, doesn't anyone read?

Who would win in a fight, Maxwell Smart or Austin Powers?
Austin Powers gets the upper hand but then both agents realize they're on the same side and were supposed to be working together the whole time. In the confusion, the villain got away again. Call it a draw.

Who would win in a fight, Deadmau5 or Daft Punk?
Daft Punk have done their homework and are clearly the more aerodynamic competitor. They are human, after all, in the prime time of their life. Daft Punk get lucky, Deadmau5 gets scraped and loses for lack of a better outcome.

Who would win in a fight, Hardee's or Carl's Jr.?
Carl's Jr, the west-of-the-Rockies brand, draws on its pioneer heritage and wins this fight through a sheer grit and determination that its staid East coast cousins can't match.

Who would win in a fight, Ten Thousand Maniacs or One Million Lawyers?
With a 100:1 adantage, lawyers win without difficulty.

Who would win in a fight: Pigs in a blanket, or Chicken in a Biskit?
(My kids say:) Pigs in a blanket - because there's more of them.

Who would win in a fight, Jay Leno or David Letterman?
Leno has a garage full of fancy cars. Letterman owns some fancy jackets. Pretty sure car beats jacket in a fight, on account of the running-over.

But let's see - who wins in a fight, car or jacket?
Agreed. In fact, most clothing is not combat-ready.

Who would win in a fight, Mr. Blue Sky or Mr. Brightside?
Although at first glance it appears that Mr. Brightside is more aggressive and would be more likely to win in a fight against Mr. Blue Sky, a deeper understanding of their internal physiology reveals a contradicting answer.
Mr Brightside, according to the Killers, "can't look, it's killing me" and also suffers from a sick stomach ("and my stomach is sick.") On top of this, his overall insecurity may inhibit him from feeling confident enough to fight his best.
Meanwhile, Mr. Bluesky, a respected member of his community, would not only be assured of himself but also would have a larger fanbase. Therefore, he would be less likely to loose confidence.
(Mr Brightside also has a tendency to call a cab. In the case of his forfit Mr. Blue Sky is made the automatic winner)

Hamilton or Burr
Aaron printer go Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Who would win in a fight, UUDDLRLRBAStart or iddqd?
while UUDDLRLRBA (start) only gives a player 30 extra lives, iddqd gives the player protection from death indefinitely, making iddqd the clear winner.

Cursed Bird Breed Edition! Shoebill vs Potoo
They will inevitably wear each other out

DIU Josuke vs JJL Josuke
I want to but I can't game this out without (fandom) domain-specific knowledge.
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