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banned for cody ko
banned for a reference i dont get
Banned for not getting the reference
Banned for making a reference
Banned for it not being a JoJo reference
Banned for wanting a jojo reference

I know im in the minority but JJBA isnt that good
Banned for being correct that Jojo is overrated.
From The Beatles:
Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner
But he knew it couldn't last

Get banned, Jojo.
Banned for making a reference

Banned because I didn't make the reference
Banned for banning someone other than the person above you.
Banned because why can't I do that?
Banned because its life
Banned for life.
I'll double *your* entendre!
Banned for existence
banned for a wide ban
Banned for small ban
banned for large ban
Banned for larger ban
Banned for phrog
Banned for using ph
Banned for comparing phrog to frog, as they're two different animals
Banned because phrog is not real
Banned because this.
banned for tootymcnooty
e-bag said:
Banned because this.

Banned because I said a REAL animal
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