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Banned for saying that I have to find a reason to ban someone.
Banned because that’s the point of the game.
Banned because there are no rules posted.
Banned because I said point of the game. Not the rule of the game.
Banned for not understanding the real point, which is to troll and have fun with it.

Also, for being such a stickler.
Banned for thinking I’m not having fun.
Banned for supposedly having fun.
Banned for ruining my fun >:(
banned for using an emoticon
Banned for not using any emoticons. :p
Banned for sticking your tongue out at someone

what are we preschoolers
banned because i'm a preschooler
Banned for talking to stranger.

banned for being a stranger
Banned for not trying to get to know me.

hi my name is Pelon 😊
Banned because hi! my name's Shelby B)
Banned for making me feel happy you responded back

hi Shelby nice to meet you!
banned for calling her shelby instead of her real name, donkey boy ninja
gy-real for short
Banned for bullying.
banned because no bullying occurred there
banned for correct, poikichoi was simply stating my many aliases
banned for considering correctness to be grounds for a ban
Banned for having a cooler pfp than mine
Banned because it is a modified version of a pfp that was originally made for me by WEEB#1

Banned because that picture still haunts me to this day because I can't tell if that's a nose or what
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