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I was...
I do enough self-denigrating in my own privacy man. I'm just sensitive about playing around like that with pronouns.
Sorry man, won't do it again.
I'm already on the list, but here's my official "hell yeah" to joining. And also to bump the thread again.
I'm in this time. The vampire game seems cool, what kinds of cards are there?
So in the Vampire game there are:
  • Wounds
  • Bites
  • Coins
  • Charms
  • Salves
If you end up with three Bite cards, you turn into a Vampire. If you end up with three Wound cards, you die (regardless of which team). Charms cancel one Bite. Salves cancel one Wound. Coins do nothing. During each round, a bunch of cards are flipped face up and given to people. At night, you give the people "beside" you a card.
That seems pretty cool.
i’ll vote for the vampire one! it sounds interesting
I want to do PYP

Also Im in
I'm in! My vote is for the vampire one.
I reckon Anty is most excited about the Vampire thing. So I vote PYP.

JK. Vampire.
Yeah, vampire sounds good.

Edit: This was my signup post.
Edit: Pass.
Might want to watch this game. It sounds really fun but I'm way too busy to fully commit. Have fun, y'all!
Okay, last call. Probably starting tomorrow.
Bear with me. There are going to be quite a few rules here.

The Rules

There are 6 Humans and 2 Vampires.

This is normally a card game, so players will be arranged in a "circle". To replicate this, players are "beside" the people above and below them on the player list. The first and last players are beside each other, to make it a circle.

Everybody will have a Hand of cards, which is secret. You start with three, but you can get more. The following cards exist:

  • Bite
  • Wound
  • Salve (cancels a Wound)
  • Charm (cancels a Bite)
  • Gold

Each Vampire will start with one Bite. Each Human will start with one Gold. The other two cards will be random.

If you have three Bite cards in your Hand, you become a Vampire (permanently). If you have three Wounds in your Hand you die, regardless of whether you're a Vampire or a Human. Each Charm in your Hand cancels out one Bite. Each Salve in your Hand cancels out one Wound. Gold does absolutely nothing.

If you become a Vampire, your goal is now to turn everyone else into a Vampire. You won't know who the starting Vampires were or who is currently a Vampire.

During each day phase, each player will be publicly given a card, one by one, and be able to decide who to give that card to. They cannot pick themselves. Everybody is free to discuss this as they see fit. After everyone is given a card, the round ends and night falls.

During the night, each player passes one card from their hand to each player "beside" them. Each person will receive, therefore, two cards. They won't know who gave them which. For example: You can give Wounds to other players to heal yourself and hurt them, you can give the Charms to help them not become a Vampire, etc. Humans cannot give away Bite cards. If a Human enters the night phase unable to pass two cards (eg: having only one non-Bite card in their hand), they die as night falls.

Because this fucks up the game: you cannot ask players what cards they gave you or anyone else. You can tell people what cards you received, if you want.

In this game, the first two Vampires will know who each other are, but they won't be able to talk to them during the game.

The game ends after 3 nights. If there are any Humans still alive after the third night, the Humans win. If there are no Humans left alive, the Vampires win.

The Players

1. e-bag (he)
2. Samsung23 (he)
3. Sya (she)
4. aprzn123 (they)
5. beck (she/they)
6. BroncoBoy18 (he)
7. Sri Lankan Devil Bird (he)
8. eriophora (they)

Day 1

Each day will be a round of everyone being given a card. Each person will be given 24 hours to decide who to give their card to - but feel free to take less, as otherwise it will take a long ass time. If you do not choose who to give the card to within 24 hours, I will roll a die to determine the recipient.

E-bag: You have been given a Gold card. Who would you like to give it to? You have 24 hours to decide. Everyone else feel free to try to persuade him one way or another.
So I suppose it doesn't really matter who you give it to since gold is useless, right?
24 hrs seems a bit much. You guys better be active. Also, gold being useless is cray.
So I'm basically just giving a card to someone to give them a card.

Cool, I'll give it to Samsung.

Since I'm assuming none of you really care who gets it.
Samsung23, add 1 Gold to your Hand. And, speaking of, Samsung23, you have drawn a Charm. Who would you like to give it to? You have 24 hours to decide.
I'll take it.
So would I, but perhaps you are more in need of it than me.
This is interesting. I'm not really sure how to begin with a strategy for this game, so I'll take a shot in the dark and say that if you could give me the charm, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm Human and already one bite in, so cancelling it would benefit the Town. I think that announcing that I'm one Bite in is risky, I suppose, in case I don't get Charms, in which case a Vampire could load me up or, in worst case, turn me during the night phase if they're both adjacent to me and pass me a bite.

I'm starting to see a strategy, but we all do need to talk more.

Anty, what's the penalty if someone doesn't pass their card in time?
Double posting because I'm following my own rules 😎

Gold might not do anything, but it's far from useless. If you think your neighbor is innocent, and you don't want to pass them a Bite or a Wound, and you need your Salves and Charms, passing them Gold is "safe".
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