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Gotta love getting kingmaker'd
Would that make me the kingmaker-maker?
I suppose that would.
Anything's possible.

How far back can you deterministically make kingmakers?
I mean you can play all the five-dimensional chess you want but don't forget to actually, y'know, get page.
Hey, 5-D chess is a very well respectable game, as long as you have a spare brain lying around (or a 4th dimensional computer).
Last post is important, too.
my physics teacher is from long island
This stuff's made in New York City!
my physics teacher is from long island

I'm from Brooklyn. That's Long Island. Right?
i think thats a different burrow
You meant borough.

Long Island is a geographical island, not a borough. NYC's boroughs are the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens. nothing else

Just look at some maps. Brooklyn and Queens are on Long Island. Manhattan is its own island. Staten island is its own island. The Bronx is on the mainland.

NYC is really more like the Hudson River's delta.
I always thought Long Island was just... Well, Long Island. Not part of any NY boroughs.

Then again, it wouldn't be that odd for it to be part of one.
Part of Long Island are NYC boroughs. The rest are the beach houses.
What happened to Short Island then? Wouldn't the existence of a Long Island mean that there had to be some point of comparison before? Was it just called "Island" then?
Long Island is actually named after Dutch explorer Willem Sebastiaan van Lang, who discovered the island in 1516 while searching for the Northwest Passage, so the implication that there must therefore be some "Short Island" is baseless, absurd, and shenaniganrous.
I demand for this Short island be created retrospectively posthaste! It's long overdue, understand?!
TIL what a long is
And you know the difference between signed and unsigned?
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