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You will take fall damage if you fall
If your in-game character happens to break a bone, that is probably very bad.
Hint: Don't trust the bolded hints. We're very helpful!

Hint: Italicized hints are only true on Tuesdays
Hint: Changing the day of the week on your computer calendar can generate more helpful hints on Tuesdays.
Deleting this software will cause it to cease running on startup, is this okay?
Remember the ABC rule.

(Gives no context on what that rule is)
Please deposit a monthly transaction of $39.99 USD to unlock the ABC rule DLC

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The ABC rule is:
Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Coming out the skin is bad
Remember SMENS
You cannot fast travel while falling or jumping.
If you are in a car, you will travel faster than if you were not in a car
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