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Anyway, aside from this fruity action, I don't believe anyone died so I think it's safe if we go No Lynch tonight.
W_Licky said:
What is aprzn? Ap13? As in apple?

I'm p3ar!
I like p3ar for you!

I'm good with no lynch.
Oh I’m terrible at finding anagrams

No Lynch
Current Votes:

W_Licky - Abstain
There is no eleven!!!
TinmansGirl27 - Abstain
Antagonist - There is no eleven!!!
Chotano - Abstain
No vote
I know I'm late to the party I started - but raisin is the best I got for mine.
I've got pear in my name! Therefore, I am definitely innocent.
No, eri, pear is already taken you have to do a different one to prove innocence of course.
You could always refer to anime/manga
No majority has been reached, as such everyone remains aliveopen, for now

Night 1
Mafia, you have 24 hours from the time of this post to select who to shutdown
eriophora said:
I've got pear in my name! Therefore, I am definitely innocent.

O' Ripe Hoar
Boo you Hoar.
I, Not a Angst
Slight game delay, will continue soon
Wakes up

Looks at clock

Eh, not enough sleep
Goes back to bed
Another day passes, no closed businesses
Day 2
You have 48 hours to vote who to send out of town
I received nothing at all last night.
Welp, I'm an idiot. I forgot that. You all get a orange that didnt get a fruit during the night
Sya said:
I, Not a Angst


Well, this seems to be going super well. I say we just enjoy our businesses in pace.
Agreed. I'm trying out a new kind of fruitcake with the mangosteen I was given yesterday. I think orange clashes with the mellower flavor of the mangosteen, but I could be wrong; haven't tried the two together just yet.
I am still lacking fruit donations.
I received another fruit I don't like last night, very interesting.

I like oranges, but I got something specific.
So… do we just keep sitting around until something happens? Unless there's a jailer and/or blocker who's been really lucky at night, our information seems pretty thin, sooo I guess we just wait.
I'm not a big fan of waiting to die when I'm a townie Fruit Vendor who has a business to run, lol. The only suspicion I currently have is of W_Licky.

Edit: we are all fruit vendors, so I corrected my statement.
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