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^ is the only person on the forum who uses /\ and \/
< dumbass who started studying at like midnight
v doesn't procrastinate too much
^false, I procrastinate a lot
< has gone to the uni gym once this week
v is not doing something involving movies
^ History, and only history.
< Learning about the dust bowl.
v Is not from a Dust Bowl state.
^ Probably. Dunno.
< Finished watching Season1 of Breaking Bad and it was cool.
v Finished watching nothing.
^ wrong, i've finished watching two episodes of breaking bad
< has procrastinated watching episode 3 of breaking bad for a month
v probably procrastinates too
^ yeah right on
< likes breaking bad
v doesnt like the taste of black coffee
^Ninjad me
<Been procrastinating watching Stranger Things season 4
vAlso procrastinates
^ yeah right on
< hasnt watched s4 yet either because theyve been procrastinating
v is a powerful wizard
^Made me use my alt for a joke
<Has wizard in their username
vIsn't a wizard
^ :(
< Is currently skipping class
v is a good student
From a friend:
I’m a good student.

Scratch that, I’m an excellent student. My grades are spot on, I do great on tests, and my standardized test scores are phenomenal. I’m great at school.

I can study for a test in half the time other people can. I can crank out an assignment the night before and get an A. I can show up at the SAT after one hour of studying and score in the 98% percentile. I’m an amazing student.

But guess what. I don’t know anything.

I’m damn good at remembering stuff, but I don’t learn it. I remember it just long enough for my test or assignment, then I forget it a day later. Then I cram my brain with new info, take the test, and forget it. Rinse and repeat.

I’ve broken the system. I learn very little in school. Very little. I don’t remember 99% of what stuff I learned a month ago. I probably only remember about 10% of what I learned last week.

But according to the system, I’m learning tons. My grades are stellar. My tests are great. According to all quantitative records, I’m being educated incredibly well.

But I’m not. I’ve just learned how to screw the system. I don’t learn, I take in and spit out the required amount of information, then delete it from my brain.

My education isn’t an education. It’s a constant balance of finding out how to get the highest grade for the least amount of work. It’s suvival of the fittest, and I’m one of the fittest.

I do waaaaay less work than most people. Far less. But since I’ve mastered study techniques that let me cram info into my brain really fast, and keep the info in my brain for just long enough, I get excellent grades. I’ve mastered the art of doing assignments. When I do an assignment, I write the absolute minimum that I can, and still get a good grade.

School has taught me how to be good at school. My work-to-grade ratio is phenomenal. If I have 10 minutes on an assignment, and average Joe has 10 minutes on an assignment, I guarantee you I’ll get a better grade. Guaranteed. I may not know more than the other guy, but I will get a better grade. No question.

Give me and average Joe each 10 minutes to study for a test, and I’ll do better on the test. I promise you. Come back and talk to us in a week, and average Joe will probably remember more. He’ll probably even be able to apply it to real life. But it doesn’t matter. We already took the test.

I have screwed the system. Completely destroyed it. I am not an educated person. I am not being educated. I am a person that learned how to take advantage of the system.

But guess what? According to anyone that looks at my transcript, I’ve gotten an incredible education.

They're wrong. I don’t give a crap about most of my classes. I do the absolute minimum, and get the grade. The few subjects I care about, I use the same study method because it’s what I’ve always done. It’s what I know.

I am not getting educated. I am clinically manipulating a broken system to fit my needs.

Students being able to do this is what’s wrong with American education.

< Likes pizza with no toppings
v Doesn't like mushrooms on their pizza
^no mushrooms
<likes pepperoni, sausage and bacon on pizza
v Doesn't have an issue with bacon
^ likes their pizzas meaty
< can't eat bacon 😂
v is vegetarian
^ follows me
< is a fucking weeb with no soul...
v has no life
^ should be more nice
< has a life
v applesauce
^ likes applesauce
< never had it
v doesn't like applesauce
^is bri'ish
<actually does like applesauce
v is my friend
^ who i have too many message threads with for some reason
< is samusaran65’s friend
v is sitting
^ is correct about all three
< is overly obsessedwith souls
v is a human
^ has a decent amount of fairy tales right now
< unfortunately, i am an axolotl
v is actually a human
^ is correct about the fairy tales
< is not human, and is logged in to TCaS 24/7
v is on my discord
^ has forced my hand to respond because i am the only person that can
< is on samusaran69’s discord
v is located in an area above 50 degrees fahrenheit
^ is my friend
< is in a location UNDER 50°F
v is axolotl
^ is samusaran65
< is axolotl but squared
v is cold
^ It's warmer than it was yesterday, but it's still cold.
< Currently "doing" work in class.
v Is also "doing" work in class.