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I'll join
I already did.
Sign me up
I'd also be down for another one of these after math's game winds down a bit maybe
Let me in
I moved this game to this thread. Continue to sign up over there. Follow that thread for updates. Click this pls.
am i allowed to put this account on the next mafia game that has signups
In this thread? Sure, as long as you don't put more than one account on the sign up list.
Anty are you gonna host a new game here after licky's game which is gonna happen after Mathy's game?
Math wants to run another one so there'll be at least three games before I run anything.
Signups for Mafia Imperial Machinations ends tomorrow. If you plan to play, head on over to that thread; be sure to follow it for updates.
I think I'm going to take a break. I find when I'm playing Mafia on the forum, I devote a LOT of attention to it during the week and sometimes get distracted from IRL stuff.
i honestly prefer non IRL stuff, bc i have nobody to talk to IRL. what i mean is, i 'm lonely
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