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i think he is just doing things to prepare for college (act or whatever, things like that) he's 14
Impossible what?! How old is theki?
I'm pretty sure he's 14
yes he is 14 like i said i just said that!!!!!!!
theki must provide clarification
please clarify
im still older 🙄
Yes, grandpa.
Wait theki is in university college what
little thing called dual enrollment 😈
I have dual enrollment too. I have AP. I earn college credit for both, but I don’t say I’m working on university stuff.
my school calls it early middle college
W_Licky said:
I have dual enrollment too. I have AP. I earn college credit for both, but I don’t say I’m working on university stuff.
neither do i but it just makes sense for me to say that i technically am in college when its warranted as like a funny joke to bring up because if its not gonna harm anyone why say otherwise you know
after much deliberation, and using the results from previous semesters of university, i am excited to announce our new curriculum.

first order of business, teachers. i have contacted teachers that i have selected from the form via dms. they will go through ane extensive interview process so we will have to wait for that (if you applied to be a teacher and did not receive a dm you probably were not accepted or i forgot. feel free to reach out)
(if you would like to apply to be a teacher, please fill out this google form)

the new curriculum will be similar but more organized, i will release the details once all of the teachers and everything has been put in order. expect more updates soon

good luck
I still really can’t tell if this is a game but if anyone needs help with… any sort of chemistry or biology; hit me up.
I will teach basic history. I will have different history classes, each lasting multiple semesters. I think the first history class will be the entirety of Chinese history, a big curriculum.

Duolingo will be Theki's teaching assistant. Duo will provide students with "encouragement"
I will teach Pasta Professional and Illuminati Intern
I will hopefully teach again. Toki Pona and JavaScript (+ using the course platform which I hope to migrate to PHP eventually).
Can Duo give your students "encouragement?"
he can "encourage" Illuminati Intern students
In fact, Duo can "encourage" all the students of Bug University!

Read: terrorize
bug can i be a teacher?
fill out the form
Go through the process like I did.
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