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can i get some free points
woah what did i miss
tic tac toe gives no points here
oh noe licky i feel you have a masterful plan for acky because you added the ⚰️
W_Licky said:
tic tac toe gives no points here

Can I trade 20 of my negative points for 1 negative golden point?
can i trade -1000 of my "negative" points for -50 golden points?
so i can get to 1098 :)
doubt it
Not how things work.
can I convert 60 points into golden points and use them to make my name purple
I would like to convert 60 points into 3 golden points and spend those 3 golden points to put the flag of greece next to my name
Give me very sophisticated and elegantly typed sentences with perfect grammar

first five get 10 points
The great state of Pennsylvania is beautiful. There are many things that make it this way; the pine trees, the rolling hills, the farmland. All of this contributes in some way to its grandeur scenery. I love Pennsylvania.
10 points
why pennsylvania specifically btw
Multiple math equations use the process of subtraction to achieve answers.
Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum) are wondrous creatures. They swim about in the grand country of Mexico and may regenerate limbs if they should be harmed.
Sentences is plural
Bats use the process of echolocation to locate food in dark areas. It is a common misconception that bats are blind, in fact they have excellent eyesight that aids in their pursuit of prey. Bats and birds developed flight independently and their wings work in the same way; this is an example of convergent evolution.
Okay, all I did was get rid of the semicolon and replaced it with a period lol.
look back up licky
anybody want to tell blon about the grammar mistakes

Ok axy ten points
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