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Aw I was hoping you could join.
When are you planning to start the game? I'm getting married in a week so I might need to sit out of this one unless you're waiting a little bit still.
how long have you been engaged?
When is a good time for you to start?
i actually don't think i can play sadly


Why not?
i might not be able to respond within the set time
You can’t check at least once a day?
i don't have my own device atm. rn i'm on my brother's switch, and i can't always use it to get on tcas, bc of the internet at my house. sometimes it shuts off the network i use to access the switch browser
So remove u from the sign up list?
i could stay, but depending on the circumstances, i might not reply soon enough
Well can you be somewhat consistent instead of starting and then leaving for the rest of the game?
i think so
Good. Now, how can I get this game to have at least 12 players for 3 mafia members? I need more joins.
i'll try getting bug's sister to join
Bugs sister has a tcas account?

I wonder if jaded, mathy, sya, and jrob will join
What that’s bugs sister!?
yea lol

u didn't know?
i talk abt her quite a bit lmao
thats not my sister
oh, hi bug
bug said:
thats not my sister

Is Samus lying
no. i'm not
but it wouldn't surprise me if u didn't believe me
bug get stripes to join. You can both be confused together, but at least you have one game under your belt as mafia.
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