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^kicked me out of the basement for foul language.
^can redeem themself if they apologize :)
^is a terrorist
<does not negotiate with terrorists
^is confusing
^ pretends to be kanye west
^pretends to be Harry styles
^Is possibly an alcoholic
/\ Wish-corrupter-in-chief.
/\ has dibs on lamboguy59's soul.
^ is using an oversized carat
/\ cares about whether people use oversized carats
^clearly doesn't
^ probably eats oversized carrots.

may have sounded like a dick joke
^takes eating oversized carrots as no joking matter in your own personal life
^ knows too much about me
/\ Is a musician.
^is very polite
^swears too much
^should see my latest tf2 rant if they think what they usually see from me is bad.
^should post a link to it
^doesnt read the tf2 thread in hobbies
^ should read my reply in the tf2 thread
/\ Has some strong opinions.
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