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Out goes lazy town videos on YouTube

In goes snoop dog saying smoke weed every day
Out comes "The Next Episode" by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

In goes the sink on a ship, and the ship is sinking, it is a sinking sink.
Out comes grammar in it's purest form.

Yes, I know its wrong. That was the joke.

In goes 2 very bad jokes.
Out comes a really good joke.

In goes my D&D character.
Out comes a ten-foot pole, several failed saving throws, a crumpled character sheet and the gamebook for Tomb of Horrors.


In goes a burning torch.
Out comes Indiana Jones forcing a wierd love interest with Marion

Like seriously it was like national treasure level bad

Out goes cringe

In goes Maru, the cat that jumps into boxes
Out goes cringe

In goes Maru, the cat that jumps into boxes
Out comes Grumpy Cat, who is not amused.

In goes Grumpy (the Dwarf)
Out come Snow White live action remake.

In goes CoD BOIII
Out comes me screaming BOI at cod players

I'm looking at you sophia

In goes the XSS-Devotion
Out goes cringe, in goes me trying to revive this forum
Out comes me eliminating this forum. Or stopping it. Whatever.
Out goes nothing because nothing was put in

In goes a toe
Out comes some extremely hot water.

In goes a tea bag.
Out goes Kermit the frog sippen tea

In goes Kermit the frog
Out comes a ham sandwich.

In goes a paper plate.
Out goes a picnic

In goes japan
Out comes nintendo

In goes mario
Out goes the fresturated mat pat from game theory

In goes $1.50
out comes a vitamin water

in goes my frustrated friend that has only $2 bills and wants to buy a $1.50 item.
out comes 50 cents

in goes a 1944 s mint wheat penny
Out comes a 1940s mint humbug.

In goes the Grinch.
Out goes infinite cringe

In goes shel silverstein
Out comes Phil Silvers.

In goes a black-and-white TV.
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