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Just looking for interest in this sort of thing. Forum doesn't look that active, so no point going ahead just yet.

I've always wanted to make some sort of open world (universe in this case) game on the forums, and it has been done before, twice. So basically people create their own planet or set of planets, all in the same solar system, as well as give a brief description.

Then you are free to do whatever actions you wish within each other, with slight moderation from me (you won't be able to just type "annihilate <insert user>", but if you do decide to war against someone for whatever reason I can influence outcomes).

I will introduce scenarios whenever I feel like it, this could be new set of neutral/enemy planets to conquer/fight against, a flying dinosaur epidemic, an asteroid belt with a urine concentration to mine, who knows. Anything could happen.

Anyway, just a simple "Sure" would work if you are interested, and it will also serve as post to save your spot for you to fill out with your planet's and specie's descriptions.
Sounds like fun.
We'll start with one planet. I may add one more later if that's okay. :)

Planet: Vastrael
Size: Small (maybe a third the size of Earth).
Purpose: Mostly militaristic, though the military is more of strike force/Navy Seals type military than a full blown military.
Geography: The planet itself is entirely covered in marshland. The further you get from the City (see the notes below), the more dangerous the planet's wildlife is.

Species: Vastran
Vastrans are an amphibious race, and look kinda like Greninja. Not exactly, but it's close enough that you can understand. The color of their skin is dependent on their "social status" if you will. Both a combination of number of people known and how many of those people like the Vastran. In addition, each Vastran has a Theurgy, dependent on the color of their eyes, though no two Vastran has yet to have the same color (and never the same exact Theurgy). In a nutshell, a Theurgy is a superpower of sorts.

For example, Norisvastrada is a Vastran with green eyes, as seen in my profile pic. His Theurgy is that he has 360° vision within 30 feet. It cannot be turned off. He specialized in hand to hand combat against a group because of it. However, it leaves him weak against too many people or objects, and he gets sick in large crowds.

Other things to know:
Vastrans are very small in population. The entire planet's population lives on one tenth of the planet's land area, known to Vastrans as the City. The rest of the planet, known to the Vastrans as the Jungle, is divided into 9 Sectors (the City totalling the number of sectors to 10). Sector 1 is the City, and the rest ring out until Sector 10, opposite the City, as seen here in my shitty drawing. As stated above, the further you get from the City (the higher the sector number) the more dangerous the planet is. This Sector system is important to Vastrans in two ways:
  • First, it's how they handle criminals. Criminals are dropped off in one of the sectors, usually a minimum of Sector 4 or 5 for the most minor of infractions and Sector 8 or 9 for the most heinous of actions. Sector 10 is pretty much only reserved for extreme war criminals or those who commit treason, as it's essentially a death sentence.
  • Second, it's important for the Vastran coming-of-age rite. When Vastrans are roughly 3 or 4 cycles (roughly 10 or so years old), their parents drop them in one of the Sectors and it's the job of the child to find and fight their way home. Their position in society is determined mostly by how far they came back from (i.e. a child who was dropped in Sector 6 will have a better job than a child who was dropped in Sector 3).

I think that's everything. Feel free to message me with questions and I will likely answer them or edit this post accordingly. Hopefully, that is enough for the game. I don't really know what kind of information we're looking for here so I just shotgunned info at you guys.
I'll follow the thread. Thank you sir.
I'm in! I loved Universe v. 1.
Alrighty then, 4 people is a nice start.

Feel free to either edit your first post, or make a new one detailing:

  • Each planet you own, alongside name, size and purpose. By purpose I mean, is it an industrial planet, trade-based, militaristic, whatever.

  • If not human, the species. Strengths/weaknesses if you want.

  • Any other details you want me, or the other players to know.

I'll give a day or so for you guys to make this description, maybe get another few to step in also.

Look forward to reading.
I'm gonna bop this really quick, though I don't think JARmo has been on in a bit. :(
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I see. Sorry. I do not pay attention that the rules or ways of that thread.

I really should create my planet now but I am not very creative. I will try to do that when I get home.
Awaiting the creation of the other planetary bodies.
So in 6th grade I had to make an alien and an alien planet so ima just put it in there lets see how it goes-

here's my alien- the Bombii
Lives on betelgeuse 5
Breathes hydrogen
Eats ammonia
Holes that open and close to release ammonia in any direction to propel Bombius. That’s how it moves.
Size of bee
Various colors
Very light as betelgeuse gravity is 2 times earth.
Most of what you can see of it is blubber to keep warm in incredibly cold betelgeuse.
Cool part is that when making nest it suctions with all of it’s holes and sticks to tons of others to create a bigger form to create a nest or find more ammonia
Always floating
Lives 12 earth years, or 144 betelgeuse years.

they mostly just chill out and fly around

I would send a picture but my science teacher took it and wont give it back agh

The planet!!!

Planet- Betelgeuse 5

Star System- XY8S Z GAMMA

Population- 27583490.7 peeps

Civilization- Just a bunch of fluffy orbs floating around
Alright. Here goes:

First planet: Ast
Population: 4 thousand

A planet created for the richest people on Earth. Created four galaxies away from Earth. About the size of the the moon. The people there are human. They never work a day I their life. Everything is done for them by slaves. The leader of this colony of the rich is the inventor of an item that can control people that have a low IQ.

Second planet: Urn
Population: 6 million

A purely industrial planet. About the size of Earth. All the population are slaves of the residents of planet Ast. With no mind of their own they do what they were programmed to do; work. They spend their days mining and working in factories. If a child born shows more intelligence than the mind control can handle, they are either killed, or hit over the head until they can be controlled. Whichever the guard decides.

ID: SKYSRV 103 0223b "Nascens"

Gravity (surf): 2.3g

Inhabitants: None (see below)


Though signs of former inhabitants on the surface and in near space around SKYSRV 103 0223b are evident, no such life currently exists on the planet's surface. Though analysis of city ruins shows a peak population of 5 billion organisms roughly a century ago, an explanation for their sudden and apparently total disappearance is unknown. No signs of armed struggle (at least, an armed struggle capable of completely annihilating the planet's population) are apparent. Analysis of technological levels achieved shows that the construction of a ship or ships capable of completely transporting the planet's population to another planet would be essentially impossible.


Standing astonishingly intact among the rubble stand factories and fleets of autonomous robotic vehicles, apparently still completely functional (though in a dormant state.) Occasional deliveries can be observed between factories, over land, air, and sea.


Colonization of this planet would seem to be trivial, aside from relatively cold temperatures and significantly higher gravity compared to Earth. Colonists from high-gravity worlds are recommended. The addition of a fully-functional industrial planet with minimal setup would be an essentially free economic boon.


Further results were made impossible to obtain due to what appears to have been failure of the surveyor probe's communications system. The probe will likely burn up in the atmosphere shortly.
Planet Name: Cordia VI

Location: Cordia System

A large rocky planet with high gravity and a thin atmosphere. The atmosphere only extends about 1 mile above sea level, and many mountain tops are exposed to the vacuum of space. Native flora and fauna live in the deep valleys between mountain ranges. Many of these valleys are isolated, causing an interest amount of biodiversity.

They began digging tunnels to connect each valley with eachother however, due to the isolation and the biodiversity from that, it has a rich history of war.

Total Population: 5,000,000,000

The populaition consists of the following:

Species: Qiiak

Population: 33%

Description: A race of super-intelligent, telepathic humanoids with both male and female genitalia. They sleep upside-down and have advanced medical knowledge. They wear tattoos to indicate their status in society.

Species: Drozorn

Population: 23%

Description: A race of humanoid aliens who have whiskers and yellow skin. They do not like to involve themselves in the affairs of others, and prefer to remain politically neutral.

More to come, however I'm a little busy right now.
but what are the other 44%?
Arale said:
but what are the other 44%?

Read the bottom of the post, silly.
Name: Unnamed
Story: This planet is a special kind of planet where everything can breathe. And it is mostly made of cake and pie. A few years ago, there was a war between the people who loved cake and people who loved pie. This resulted in the wall, separating the people who loved pie and people who loved cake.

Lifestyle: When children are born, they go to a special nursery. At the age of 10, they choose which they like better, cake or pie. After they choose, they spend the rest of their school years learning about their chosen dessert. Their chosen dessert is the half of the planet which they all live in.

Species: humans

Clothes: Mainly made of cake or pie

Unknown stuff: ever since the war, the planet has never been named. They also don't know what's at the center of the planet, though most people say it's whipped cream
Name: Unknown
Planet located right outside of charted space. Planet shows signs of intelligent life, however, most of the planet is covered with an unknown shadow-like substance labelled as [DATA EXPUNGED] and is overall incapable of housing life. Travel to this planet is strictly prohibited. Data shows that lifeforms other than those that are adapted to the environment die within seconds when exposed to the atmosphere. Scanners indicate 89.73% of bioforms on the planet are aquatic.
@Jay.yz @JustAnotherRobot

I was looking forward to reading through this
I absolutely love sci-if space related stuff! I would love to join!

(This post is due to editing)

Species: Metabinarius "The Meta"

Bio: Metabinarius (The Meta) are a bipedal race of most advanced technology in the know region of the TwoCans universe. What history that is known is vague and mysterious with what digitally archived data is available about the Meta. The Meta has existed for an unknown set of time, and their exact biological origins or appearance is unknown. What is known is the once biological race became so technologically advanced through a set of movements [A golden age which rapidly swept the species into swift and radical change] that began to replace their own limbs and organs with machinery. A reference to their origin planet "Axiom-Prime" suggests that it was a once lush vibrant planet with an oxygen/nitrogen rich atmosphere. Due to a cataclysmic event caused by solar flares from their origin star, the atmosphere began to deteriorate bringing with it the need for the Meta to push beyond biological evolution standards to survive. Through a series of texts, notes can be read that the Meta became an information powerhouse that has sat in a part isolated space away from the rest of the universe. Since then the Meta have expanded in search of materials and resources they have created a vast and powerful arsenal, bringing with it an exploratory force to study the inhabitants of the universe. Not much is known about the specific technology integrated into the actual bodies, but it is thought that primary organs such as heart and brain are preserved although that is unconfirmed.

Politics: The political agenda of the Meta are unknown and rather vague. Some may see their presence as the an opportunity to expand their own technology through means of diplomacy and multicultural acceptance while others see their presence as a looming threat that could possibly mean the end of biological life if there was ever a need for the Empire to extend its authority and power too far, asserting themselves as evolutionary superiors. The system of government the Meta use themselves is more of an Unitarian entity. The populous maintain the market, the research and the resources needed for expansion and development, but the inner works of diplomacy, planetary stationing and exploration is all controlled by the Collective Council (CC). The Collective Council is a Senate like agency of Metas that through database knowledge and expansive wisdom, make decisions dealing with the information obtained by the exploratory forces, recon, research facilties, etc. The council ultimately lead by the Grand Archon. (Myself :D) The Grand Archon is an ancient being thought to be the founder who discovered the technology that made the Meta into what they are today. The philosophical foundations of the Meta society are set and influenced by the Grand Archon.

Home world: Axiom-Prime
  • Equator Radius: 3396 km
  • Core Radius: 1700 km
  • Gravity: (Only 1/4 more in comparison to that of Earth's)
Info: A once lush planet now decimated into what is now a solid sphere of continental metal formations known as "Forge Spires" these capital areas are the heart of the technological empire that obtain, refine and construct the ever expanding infrastructure. The atmosphere is rather void of the oxygen and nitrogen it once had, but can been traversed by biological organisms if the appropriate equipment was worn while occupied on the planet. The home world houses the many communicative networks used to reach out to existing research fleets and armadas. The Meta have three category of planetary systems: UOS (Universal Outpost System), UFS (Unitary Forge System), and GCS (Galactic Communication System). UOS are planetary systems that have limited to no biological support, rendering the planet to the needs of resource collection of rarest and common metals and elements alike. As a whole, the Meta utilize these systems until they are essentially drained of any resources, reducing the need to damage healthy life sustaining systems. UFS are systems that receive the mined resources and house them. Refining them into materials used to create infrastructure, boost economic measures as well as to implement advancement in their technology. Their atmospheres are relatively still clean, as advancements in their tech have allowed them to control and manipulate the amount of pollution created during productions. GCS are systems solely used for intergalactic trade and political policy. This advanced system has been equipped with atmospheric containment fields, maintaining and protecting ideal conditions for multicultural purposes. While the political agenda of the Meta are considered Neutral, they provided safe havens for any and all biological organisms.

I'm only doing one planet for now. I got way into this and I plan on doing more. I think for now I typed a semi novel... but yeah if you have anymore questions or are interested feel free to message me!
@Jay.yz @JustAnotherRobot

I was looking forward to reading through this

I was excited too. And I don't get excited about anything anymore.
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Fear not, I am here, and am ready to activate my inner-essay writing skills.

Just before I do, how serious of a moderation/setting do you guys want?

Like, I see a planet full of fluffy bumblebees. Sooo yeah
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