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Why was Dirk expelled from college?
cuz he dint sutdy
Round 1: Easy peasy.
Round 2: Have fun unlocking and discovering what all the new tower upgrades do.
Round 3: A Ninja Kiwi account is a great thing. It lets you save your progress, and individual game sessions
Round 4: Keep playing Bloons TD5 regularly to check for new updates, tracks, towers, game modes and other awesomeness.
Round 5: First Green Bloons are coming next round.
Round 6: The more you use a certain tower, the more upgrades you will unlock for it.
Round 7: Each tower has 2 upgrade paths, but you can only get the 3rd and 4th upgrades on one of the paths, because they are special.
Round 8: The bloons are now more organised, they may come in tight bunches to break through quickly, or come spread out to confound your area weapons.
Round 9: Coming up next are some Blue Bloons, then some more, then some more, then some more.
Round 10: Good old Yellow Bloons. Quite fast, quite big, and quite dangerous without a good defense.
Round 11: Take a moment to admire the sumptuous and awesome artwork this game has.
Round 12: If you have not played more Ninja Kiwi games, you should - because those games are fun, and fun is good.
Round 13: Once you unlock a new tower, it will be unlocked permanently - provided you are logged in to Ninja Kiwi...
Round 14: Use each tower type more to unlock all of its upgrades.
Round 17: Have some free money with 80 greens coming up next.
Round 21: White Bloons incoming.
Round 24: That was just one Camo Bloon. Easy enough to pop with road spikes if your towers missed it. There will be more next time so beware!
Round 27: Leads are slow and easily dealt with if you have the right towers. Otherwise, they could cause you some grief...
Round 30: Next round are many Zebra Bloons. Some of them will be heart-shaped Regen Bloons. Get ready!
Round 32: Next round are lots of Camo Bloons, make sure you have a couple of Ninja Monkeys or other towers that can detect Camo Bloons!
Round 34: Rainbow Bloons, pretty fast, pretty mean and pretty pretty. They're rainbows after all, right?
Round 35: Beware round 42...
Round 38: In a couple of rounds there will be more Camo Bloons. You have been warned.
Round 41: This next round coming up will separate the strong from the weak. Make sure you have good Camo Detection by now and burst damage to deal with Regrowers too.
Round 46: Building up a bit of a nest egg are we? Think carefully about what to spend it on - money tends to get a bit tighter the higher you go in this game. Just sayin'.
Round 48: Got any Super Monkeys yet?
Round 51: Ok, let's ramp things up a bit shall we?
Round 55: Ring a round the rosie, a pocketful of - Rainbow Bloons.
Round 58: Camo + Lead = much pain. Hope you're ready.
Round 60: Enjoy that BFB did you?
Round 62: Next round will be @#$*% hard.
Round 64: Last level for Medium difficulty.
Round 66: If you keep playing you'll keep unlocking new stuff and ultimately getting better at the game. Remember to take breaks occasionally to do non-BTD5 things.
Round 69: If you were a bloon, wouldn't you rather get popped instead of slowly leaking and withering to an undignified husk? I guess we'll never know since they can't speak.
Round 75: Next level will be fun, a whole bunch of Ceramic Bloons are going to charge right through your defenses and pretty much make you lose.
Round 81: Regen AND Camo coming up. Not very fun or fair is it?
Round 84: If you're playing on Hard, you've done well to get this far, but it will all end next level.
Round 85: Freeplay, freeplay, freeplay.
Oh, is that blooms tower defense five's things at the beginning of each round?
3 was the best one.
5 was better
M***** F******* 0

(NSFW, so censored)
Oh, I'm a Yummy, Chummy, Funny, Lucky Gummy Bear
please please please don't
I have never done it
but I have great sympathy for those who feel compelled to cut
I want to help
and I want you to keep reading

when I'm totally depressed
I feel worthless, unlovable and sometimes just totally forgotten
and when I feel that way
here's what I do instead

eat something really sour
run my hand under really hot water for a few seconds
not enough to really mess you up
just until you're aware of the pain
push-ups until my shoulders ache
then ten more
set my pillows up against the wall and punch them as hard as I can
or put on my shoes and run

I can barely tolerate accidental pain
I hate paper cuts with every fiber of my being
so I'm always, idk, curious about people who cut
and I wish they wouldn't

but how do I fake happiness
that's the million dollar question
I guess I'm a different case
faking it implies people would be able to tell that something's not right
that people were paying attention to me
I just stopped talking
it felt selfish and self-centered
and they didn't need to know

what was it that set off the time bomb in your heart?
when did your world change?
and will you ever be the same again?

maybe happiness is unattainable
like every girl I've ever met
we need to go to the movies
you know that feeling when you leave the theater
and it doesn't feel like real life
wouldn't it be nice if we could solve all our problems in 89 to 96 minutes
and maybe win an oscar

I think that's the answer
fake every other feeling
and soon fake happiness will follow
What's the point in hating people?
Doctor Steel
i like failed my first 2 benchmarks lol
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