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On a blue canvas
Written in an ancient script
Can you read the birds?
Death is a journey
Rather than being the end
It is the next step.
Suicide is death.
What journey does a man take,
to take his own life?
What are you saying?
Making Haiku's isn't hard.
Sundog is not lord.

but sundog is love
and also sundog is life
sundog is our lord
Haiku are like sheep -
when looking for the plural
they remain unchanged.
I wake, reluctant
too cold to get out of bed
but i need to pee
Exciting new stuff
Takes charge, click by click and then...
Burnt pizza again.
DIAV needs to stop
his pizza is making me...
extremely hungry
The G2 is bad
It is overpowered
Respawn pls fix thx
Chastising icons
Of unread messages sink
Me into despair.
Forum > Forum Games > Haiku Games