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Guilty! Or changed that number when the time to update comes.

Have you ever drawn an art you immediately hated and tossed it in the garbage, only to wish years later you still had it?
Not guilty. I don't throw stuff away much.

Have you ever put your RFID work badge inside your wallet/purse/whatever instead of wearing it all the time like the rules say to?
BONUS: Have you ever been told off for not having it out and visible on a lanyard?
Not guilty for either.

Ever fallen on your face after sitting down too long and letting your legs fall asleep.

have you ever fell asleep in a restaurant after eating in it?
Not guilty.

Have you ever completely made up things in a 'never have I ever' game including this one! in order to avoid confessing something you're still ashamed of?

Have you ever made out with your girlfriend on your aunt's bed?
Not guilty and I'm taking the fifth.

Have you ever actually invoked the Fifth amendment in a U.S. court of law?
Not guilty.

Have you ever served jury duty?
Called twice but never chosen.

Have you ever spent a night in the clink?
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