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Banned for only worshipping the hamtart
Banned for having "420" in their username.
Banned for not having "420" in your username
Banned because I said so.
Banned for not being more creative with your banning.
Banned for shaming someone else's way of expressing themselves just because it wasn't the way you'd do it
banned for excessive wording.
Banned for putting green with yellow.
Banned for having traffic cones
^ banned for economical wording
Banned for using a carrot symbol
^ banned for not using a carrot symbol
Banned for using out of season colors
Banned for having a QR code.
Banned for not having a 420 in your name
Banned because that reason was already used.
Banned for bothering to come up with a new reason to ban someone
Banned for being correct
Banned for being a professor.
Banned for being not a professor. Or a teacher. Or basically any sort of educator. :P
Banned for assuming they aren't a professor
Banned because TC isn't a professor.
Also banned because tc isn't a professor
Banned for banning me.
Me for banning ban
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