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Out comes some salt

In goes some salt
Out comes a mass of Sodium

In goes a horse
Out comes the year 2014

In goes the movie 2012
Out comes the end of the world

In goes the skepticism of every person on the planet
Out comes a black hole of doubt

In goes a neutron star
Out comes The Galaxy

In goes a hitchhikers guide to said galaxy
Out comes the car on the road to the future

In goes said car
Out comes a demolition crew to destroy the earth

In goes the Swedish Army
Out come an army of cheap meatballs and insta-furniture

In goes a fry
Out comes a fly

In goes the r in fry
out comes a rare radiant rhapsody of rubies.

In goes some alliteration
Out comes colored corn on a cat

In goes Alastor moody's glass eye
Out comes a confused Tc

In goes a funnel cake and a can of oil
Out comes a chocolate cake. (Nice!)

In goes some chocolate frosting.
Out comes some mice, with tc chasing them. I guess she isn't confused anymore.

In goes a load of mice
Out comes of mice and men

In goes a fetus
Out comes a fetus....out of some chick in labor near the vending machine

Out comes a bowl of hot water

In goes multiple colors
Out comes afro circus

In goes a cloned ginger's pubic hair
Out comes a disgusted Tc

In goes said disgust
Out comes an ok Pixar movie

In goes mom's spaghetti
Out comes a guy covered in confetti

in goes progeria
Out comes it's anagram, "pair ogre." What a nice pair of ogres.

In goes Donald Duck
Out comes half of his nephews. Which halves they are I'll leave to your imagination.

In goes Uncle Scrooge's vault.
Out comes millions upon billions of unspent gold coins.

In goes my handy dandy notebook
Out comes a Sherlock level deduction from all the clues at hand

I pull down my pants and fart into the coin slot
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