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Granted, but you only ever come up with nice ideas for twocans avatars :P

I wish my body only needed to burn half the energy for any given task.
Granted. You now complete tasks at half the speed.

I wish I could jump backwards in time, retaining all of my memories and experience.
Granted, you come back to the present and you remember nothing.

I wish I could stop procrastinating on my novel.
Granted. You start procrastinating on other useless things, like eating and sleeping.

I wish to be smarter. Scratch that, I wish I had more friends.
Granted but you get bumped down in intelligence and maturity.

I wish I could detect internet irony
Granted, but you now can't detect when things aren't ironic. I have no gf goodnight

I wish I could be less ironic and sarcastic.
Granted but it's ways killing people

I wish I could destroy all the cancer fandoms
Granted but it causes you to get cancer and you die.

I wish that I knew how to get rid of the Curse of Arale.
Granted, but you must sacrifice your soul to Arale.

I wish to be friendly and not anger literally everyone I meet.
Granted, other people get angry at you.

I wish Coldplay could come out with another album already.
Granted, but the album is just a single song stating that their album was postponed.

I wish that made sense.
It does but it's a pretty mediocre corrupt response

I wish I had all the powers of marvel's Starfox
Granted, you never learn how to use or activate them.

I wish she still wanted me.
Granted, but out comes a confused tc

I wish tc got the references on vending machine
Granted, but she now doesn't get how to use proper grammer.

In goes a booke of rely bad gramer.
Granted you die since you made an incorrect post.

I wish that I could get up easier in the mornings
Granted but you gain the ability to sleep standing up and even with your eyes closed. Good luck.

I wish that the word "meme" was banned.
Granted, meme becomes banned, but it is replaced with another term that eventually becomes banned for the same reason, and the cycle continues.

I wish putting question marks at the end of statements was banned??? Like??? Yes???
Yeah but like...... peoplee like.... type like thissss more like yas? Like it's only banned on MySpace?

I wish there were 28 hours in a day
Granted, there are 28 hours in a day, but since there has always been 28 hours in a day, people constantly wish for more hours than that, and then there have always been 32 hours in a day, then there has always been 36 hours in a day, and so on and so forth. The Earth begins to slow its rotation so much that apocalyptic disasters begin happening.

I wish I could levitate.
Granted, but your altitude must stay the same forever, any attempt to go up or down via anything will result in immediate death
Examples: going up or down stairs, using an elevator, using an airplane, having a car move you slightly up a hill...

I wish i had an unlimited pile of mismatched socks
Granted but you're buried in stinky socks

I wish my computer would connect to steam severs already
Granted but you're buried in stinky socks

I wish my computer would connect to steam severs already
Granted, the filters come back up immediately.

I wish the filters would go back down.
Granted, but you find out that humans have reached The Great Filter, and we won't be able to expand any further before we run out of places to live, and die out.

I wish somebody would do my statistics and probability homework for me.
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