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Well, now, I want to know how to pick a main character in a fighting game.
'Fun! But what game is it?'
'Pick a character you like most, is comfortable with, and feel you want to pick."
Then, it's Mr. Game and Watch for me.
Well, what would you say is your most friendly mode?
Why am I dyin to live when I'm just livin to die?
This is just me. Not Miminzuku or Zuku, or Mini.

You are not just living to die. You can save a dying person and change many lives (like mine, who is glad to have internet friends) (Very glad!) just with your being.

Sure, dying may be a part of life, but it is not your purpose or cause. Del, my friendliest mode is "Satsu (nvm) actually, "Mei-Inturruption," or what I would say is what a young child would respond to your questions.
If a cat is a cat but a cat is a dog, then what is a cat? Is it a cat or a dog?
Thats where your wrong, you see... cat when pronounced sounds like four in french, and how many animals were in your first sentence? Four. now if you divide the amount of animals in the first sentence by the amount in the second, you get 2. if you divide the ratio of cats to dogs, you get 2 also. If you divide the 2 by 2 you get 1, and there is one dog in each sentence, meaning that cat=cat=dog=pineapple with a cowboy hat, which means cat is in fact a mango colored chimpanzee.
Omg, that hamtart must have some serious knowledge, Angus! *Laughs*
are you making fun of the hamtart?
No, it's that knowledge is actually pretty interesting, but the outcome makes me chuckle. So it's towards the response, not the Hamtart.
how can i make better decisions
Think carefully.
What if i like to make bad decisions and think carefully anyway, and now i just cant make good ones?

i dont btw, just wondering
You try.

Hi everyone, I'm back! Yes, I really am onehappycans, except with a new username. I'm trying to revive all my threads here, it would be great if you could help!

Missed y'all. Hope you were happy!
Alright then. I shall aid you.
And I
What appeases da nekos?
" what?"
` what... `
How do you make a cat happy, mew?
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