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^is very welcoming of my return and I appreciate that
^Has made a return!
^ always seems to be offline when I am online
^Is somewhat correct. 4:30 to 11 pm Central, TC.
^is online at the time of this post
/\ Regularly changes her avatar.
^ Is correct
^has an arguably unhealthy obsession with cats, or so I hear
^points our others obsesion
^ Has a flaming majik kitty in their avatar
^might be sad that I’m leaving the basement again
^ is being told this Smash kitten is sad
^confused me white that post
^my smash ball logo now has cat ears.
^doeant use commas like they should
^is judging my writing style, but me no angry.
^uses the word me as if he was a three year old
/\ Often finds fault with others.
^^Shiuld understand I use it like that on purpose.
^ umm... Nothing to say Right now.
^should know that intentionally using me instead of I is extreemingly anoying
^ Should be less quick to criticize others, considering ^ has two misspellings in ^'s last post.
^Is being thanked a little.
*Is a copy cat
^ Is being incredibly rude
^makes me sad
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