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Banned for banning yourself.
Banned for getting the page! Blargh!
Banned for jealousy.
Banned for confusing a ban for jealousy.
Banned for not noticing that jealousy comes in many forms.
Banned because you haven't sacrificed to the all mighty kitten lord.
Banned because I already worship another almighty kitty man.
Banned for having an Idol other than the All Mighty Kitten Lord.
Banned for not being an enemy stand
Banned for supporting enemy posts
Banned for being dead for so long
Banned for changing your avatar redux
Banned for making me question if ham can feel emothions
Banned for spelling incorrectly.
Banned because "incorrectly" showed up nowhere in that post. :D
Banned for being technical.
Banned for not being more like a robot, unlike me.
Banned for being robotic
Banned for discriminating against robets
Banned for trying to be cute by saying "robets"
Banned for having a point
Banned for almost creating the cycle I have previously banned another for also almost creating
Banned for too many words
Banned (Being the exclusion of the forum) for the reason, of which I myself have decided to be, not being verbose enough.
Banned for using the word verbose to describe yourselfWhat a rude thing to do
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