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That would certainly be IDEAL
The detective trying to figure out what this thread is about has absolutely no LEADS
Probably best to just let it SLIDE
Let it slide, like sliding down a long irregular STILE.
That sounds like a good song TITLE
That little dot that goes over the letter j or i is called a TITTLE
You cant add letters Timey
I thought you could? Also what's the word now lol
No the rules say that TITLE is still the word because it was the original amount of letters.
ok then

And now I am already really TIRED
Me too. My TREAD is slow and weary.
I am just full of DREAD due to my SATs yesterday
The person who makes the sat READS a lot
That LEADS me to believe that they are also a teacher
Well, whatever is it, hope it's DEALT with.
It'll be dealt with LATER
I hope that my car RATES don't increase.
We got new GATES at my house last week.
That's GREAT, so you can keep your pet safe.
Yes, but they are pretty great guards anyways, so if they stop an intruder they get a TREAT.
As long as they're not a FREAK.
What if the 'freak' is really a lost BAKER of treats?
Or the friendly neighborhood kid trying to make money as a leaf RAKER
Or a ballet fan practicing at the BARRE.
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