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what kind of contraction BOy

Can u elaborate on what you said?
Y'aint, Y'all, Shouldn't've, y'all'd've

Things like that.
Thats not a question Sir

Will you ask a question?
Yes, I believe I shall.

What is your favorite contraction?
idk ask yourself that question

What is you favorite subject?
Undoubtedly, Philosophy followed by English.

How has the Forum been?
Something to do when bored.

What do you think about #meToo?
I prefer the Me Three

What is this #MeToo Thing?
Dumb Women Lying about stuff

What are the effects of global warming on the greenlandian icebergs in the next 5 decades?
Bye-bye, my iceberg friends

What are the effects of global warming on Antarctica in the next 5 decades?
The Icebergs Are Actually Expanding!

Why Is Global Worming Perpetrated by the Chinese?
A: To get into our servers.

Q: How many days old is the previous post, now?
It is 20.908 days old.

Why am I posting on this thread?
A: I bumped, then you jumped.

Q: Look out your window, what do you see?
I see lots of cars.

How old is this website?
As olllld as the hills.

How do you charge your phonograph?
What the fucks a phonograph?

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck was dead?
He would chuck exactly nothing.

Why isn't the sky violet?
Who says that it isn't?

You hear 'bout that thing down in Samothrace?
Never heard of the place.

Why do people think we need governments?
Probably to keep things intact

What is the answer to this question?
The answer to your question.

What's the biggest cave you've been in?
The cave in Booga Booga.

What is your favorite pokemon?
Umbreon is totally the best.

Do you want some cookies?

(FYI I already have his soul)
Yes, of course I do!
Where do you go for vacation?
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