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I have the balls, i say in a creepy way from above
"ALRIGHT! What was the first person to create the ladder?"
idk, i text(wright on a piece of paper and fold it into a paper airplane and shoot it to the last person who messaged.
"Incorrect. Release the trapdoor!"
I fall down, but griping to the wall with both legs nd hands sliding and slowing down till i rech the very bottom still in the shoot, i start to climb my way back up
I shoot you in the face because your icon is just too ugly
"NEXT QUESTION! What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
If i answer can i be saved, The velocity is none because the shadow does not move for it is just hidden from light and that same part does not ever move
"Incorrect! A swallow is a bird. Release the electric eel bucket!"
ha, i misunderstood you, to bad electricity does not affect me, HAHAHAH, i mange to get the rope off me as i run to the door.
There wasn't any rope... and you're stuck in a hole...
Maybe the hallucinogen I spiked all your drinks with is kicking in?
the door i thought i was running into was actually just the wall, and i cant figure out why i cant leave so i just constantly run into the wall
"Someone put a mattress on that wall, we don't want him to break his nose, we can't pay for a surgery. The next question is an active question." Three women rise up from an opening panel on the floor "These lovely lasses have three briefcases. Pick one, two, or three."
When you ask me the question, im still messed up from what you did to me, and now i think you are god asking me a question, i get on my knees and starting praying that the answer is 3 1/2
i eat the ball, and after a couple hours we continue playing
i decided to keep playing now so i rip it out of him with my bare hands, In doing so i tell every one that god told me to, but to find out he didnt have it at all and i imagined it and i actually ripped his heart out.
first off you just cancelled what i said, second off, wtf did i just read
how did i cancel it?
when i said we continued after an hour, you cant say that you made the process faster
i dint make time go faster, i said I DECIDED TO KEEP PLAYING
well, by the time my comment was done, i had already shit it out
well if you even did, what i put still works
no, it doesn't, because you couldn't rip something out if it wasn't there in the first place
I did and it doesn't fit, now continue the game
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