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You actually have the power to create paradoxes.

The power to know by touching something if it has a molecule previously located in the moon.
Moon rock expert.

The power to attract beetles.
you can meet some really famous musicians

you are immune to a virus that went extinct 100 millions of years ago.
Perfect candidate for a time travel experiment

The power to draw any planet accurately down to a 1km/10cm ratio
Globe maker, and you can chart unknown planets through your awesome art skills.

The power to find hidden messages that aren't designed to accomplish anything.
Man, erasing any evidence of your existence must be a cool superpower, doesn't seem useless to me.

The power to generate glow-in-the-dark levels of light.
you can glow in the dark?

the power to see what everything is made up of
You can now confirm whether A LOT of things are real or fake by looking at what they are made of compared to what materials were available at the original time period.

The power to die in slow-mo and everyone watching watches in slow-mo also.
you have a very cinematic death
Error 404: Power not found

The power to make slightly less hidden messages
(There is a power)
you become an annoying glitch

the power to not forget to put a power
You can remember to do things.

The ability to figure out how to make text invisible and still have people know it's there.

Highlighting reveals it.
You figure out how to make the text a different shade than the background to make it more visible.

The power to be sand.
Anikian skywalker hates you and you save the galaxy

The power to be a ham sandwich
... you ate my fiancé you monster. You don't deserve that power

the power to make the same sex as you gravitate toward you 3.14159 milimeters closer
You can move people out of the way of bullets that will barely hit them.

(The power to turn words invisible, but only in front of people who can't read)

I figured out how to have invisible text with people still knowing its there
uhhhhhhh secret messages?

THe power to bop someone in the head randomly from a mile away but each time you do you bop yourself
Squat in a famous person's home and continuously bop them to make them freaked out and abandon the house.

The power to manipulate space-time so that you can create paperclips at any point time.
You are the best office worker in the world

the power to come up with really funny meme but it dies after a day
Now you get to be spammed with attention for a day.

The power to summon demons, but they all have autism or aspergers.
You convince the world that demons and supernatural things exist, thus God exists... you just created the Third Great Awakening with autistic demons!

The power to turn any pineapple gay
You've just invented a strain of seedless pineapple.

The ability to teleport yourself (but only yourself) into low earth orbit. No space suits allowed.
Travel to the International Space Station at will.

The power to know by taste if someone's blood will give you a communicable disease.
taking one for the team!

the power to turn any ruler gay
You just toppled all Islamic governments.

The power to make play-dough out of fingernails.
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