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Out comes a ball of lint, some string, and an oxford comma.

In goes the oxford comma.
Out comes the double-space after a period.

In goes a Game Genie.
ouch, ninja'd

edit: how do I delete a post?
Out comes a flying Mario.

In goes a copy of Pokémon: Fire Red for GBA.
out comes a nintendo switch

in goes 300 dollars
Out comes a kernel of corn.

In goes the worst thing ever.
Out comes Uwe Boll's full discography.

In goes a sherd of pottery.
Out comes a pot

In goes some superscript
Out comes some subscript

In goes hard to read text
Out comes invisible text

In goes visible text.
Out comes an easily read message

In goes a lemon and some herbs
Out comes a random assortment of desktop cleaning supplies.

In goes Dove branded soap for sensitive skin that set my d*** on fire.
it huts really bad no joke
out comes the soap I use every day... it never set my pp on fire

in goes a pp on fire
Out comes

In go more jokes not meant for children
out comes Doug Stanhope's stand up routine

in goes Doug Stanhope's dying lung cavity
Out comes Gallagher's faulty ticker.

In goes John Pinette's obesity.
Out comes old people

In goes Long John's Silvers
Out comes a fish in a 1-inch coat of grease

in goes beanstalk, my god pet thing
out comes outdated NerdCave jokes

in goes said jokes
Out comes "But u r tho"

in goes a lotta fucking lemon
Out goes cage Johnson and lemon grenades

In goes lemon grenades
Out comes Glutose Guardians™

In goes the Architects
Out comes the Architect

In goes the Architect
Out comes an eldritch abomination.

In goes a deathclaw gauntlet.
Out comes a surprisingly underwhelming weapon.

In goes a pair of pants.
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