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Granted but Joel hates you.

I wish that I wouldn't procrastinate when I have to write an essay.
Granted, now u right essays all day

I wish that i could learn every thing i missed in the past week in one sec
Granted but you still didn't do any of the worksheets so you still have a bad grade.

I wish I could change my name
Granted, but it's limited to names that start with the character #

I wish to be showered in coconut cream pies.
granted but u dont get the coconut or the pie you just get eh white cream all over you.

I wish some one would visit my thread
Granted, but because of several rule-breaking posts, the thread is locked.

I wish radicalism didn't exist anymore.
(woops i didnt mean to break rules)

it doesnt now but u will always exist

I wish i could take back my post
Granted, but there was nothing rule breaking about it, to clarify, it was part of the corruption.

I wish I didn't give you a scare.
granted, you didnt scare me, you just gave me a heart attack

I wish that i would have understood that was a corruption
wished but it so big it rips you pants and you go to jail for public indecency

i wish that fanbases aren't trash
Granted, they're garbage

I wish I had a bird
granted, it dies immediately

I wish that people would visit my thread
Granted but they leave quickly

I wish you would stop advertising your thread
granted, but i wasnt i was wishing

I wish that killerkeambear understood my wishes
Granted but no one else does and you kill your self in a drunken rage when you discover it. Then the disciples of the all mighty kitten lord drag your body away to be sacrificed in the name of cats.

I wish that my corruptions were way more creative
granted but they are so creative to the point of disturbing

I wish I had better wishes
Granted, but you phrase them really badly so they're easily corrupted.

I wish I didn't set my d*** on fire today with soap.:(
granted but you get an std

I wish half life 3 was out
Granted but it's terrible

I wish I could be smarter
granted but it's critically a failure

I wish Pin didn't set his pp McGee on fire this morning
Granted, instead of setting it on fire, he used acid,

I wish that DD was real

(Doctor Depression)
Granted, but since you aren't clear with your abbreviations, you are slaughtered by the old one's army

I wish I could jump higher
Edit: you cant fix what you've done
granted but you jump into the sun

I wish that kaleb would understand my refrence
dont act like i didnt understand it, you labeled it after i commented

i wish the floor was made of vacuum
granted but you die from it

I wish that english teachers would die
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