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Don't forget to starve.

When life gives you a higher death count than Nazi Germany...
Do what Stalin says

when you are a dirty commie
corrupt the government \

when life gives you engineers..
Build stuff

when life gives you pineapple pizza
Get a pen and make pineapple pizza pen

when life gives you this link . yeah boi this link
you stop self advertising

when life gives you free advertisement
Go with it

When life gives you Killerkeambearr
You spell it wrong

It's killer keem bear

when life gives you sad turkeys
make sad ham

When life gives you exploding submarines
You mean sad turkey(meat)

be on the shore because you never decided to go in, and now, you're deciding that was a good idea

when life gives you a reason
.. the reason for reason, The step in my groove
Listen to Santana

When life gives you memorable cords...
dis a cord

when life gives you irrelevant puns
Randomly insert them in conversations, then hold up a picture of an elephant, and say,
"That was completely...'irrelephant'".

When life gives you relevant puns.
go dis a cord

when life gives you a fucking bagel...
Make it a regular bagel.

When life gives you a shameless self advertisements, but limited to once per thread, for necromancy, the thread to help you find dead forum games...
suck an egg

when life makes you woke...
Go back to sleep.

When life gives you eggs...
Make eggs in a nest because eggs in a nest is delicious.

When life gives you a natural affinity for drawing...
make an elaborate icon (nice icon, btw!)

When life gives you soap that irritates your pp...
Go to a Pokemon center so you can use the move again.
When life gives you a deliberately misunderstood sentence...
become a politician

when life gives you politics...
get a headache in 4th block

when life gives you a headache
Accept your newfound death

When life gives you a fucking seagull...
give it a fukin' bagel

when life gives you said bagels...
Give them to a demented sailor.

When life gives you a non sequitur...
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