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banned for dubble posting
Banned for not being able to spell "double"
banned for being a grammar nazi
Banned because grammar nazis do more then point out spelling errors
banned for correcting me
banned because "Whoever ignores instruction despises himself, but he who listens to correction gains intelligence."-The Bible proverbs 15:32
Banned for quoting the Bible
Banned for being religiously intolerant
banned because I'm unfollowing a lot of threads because I follow basically all of them. Now I can engage more on twocans rather than speeding through random forums
Banned because you won't be leaving this will you?
banned because no one can ever leave
banned for not leaving already
banned for not listenning
banned for listening
Banned because only crazy people don't listen to themselves
banned because im the only crazy
Banned because you don't follow the definition of insanity
Banned for being sane
Banned for edge
banned for your excellent profile pic, it secretes irony
banned for being so safacificated
Banned because i don't even know what to take from that word, Google says it doesn't exist
banned for believing on google
banned because it isn't a word
banned for knowing my language hlbnkslaberjksdv,zx.ijnklwm ,dsZXonlk;rfsdCZXNkl
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