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DId you icon change?
I think it did
will you change into a sad turkey for thanksgiving?
UH, arent you just a meme?
Aren't memes the highest form of existence?
Wasnt my picture my religious god?
It wasn't?
What if it was purple?
What if it already was
YEEAAH! What if everyone loved the Eric Andre Show?
YEah, BUt dO yUo lIKE mE PICturE
yeah it's pretty good actually

do you like mine?
Do i?
I don't know that's why I'm asking

do you?
you cant talk just ask questions silly

do you understand now
I do?
Start using question marks maybe?
Are question marks a good influence?
are they?
i think they, oh mystical god are question marks valid?
AngusBeef says no, I think. Is that right?
IDk did he right in the chat?
do you know how to spell write?
Do you know it was a mistake?
Does a bear poop in the woods?
I dont know, will you follow thisLink
Isn't it an obvious yes?
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