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Alright, first things firs this is where you come to tell a story but in the story you fight the others in the tread, you can do what every you want. Thats the only rule.

Once one story is finished start another.
I will begin.

Ah, can you tell me one good reason why i shouldnt drop you from you chain into the tank of deadly sharks. I mean you have did the one thing
you weren't suppose to minion.
It's not my fault you left the index card with your doom weapon password on it laying out where anyone could see it! Also, I changed the pass word and unless I log in in five minutes it will blow up this base.
Crazyman! You've gone mad with power! Under the Order of the Hamtart I hereby declare you a war criminal. Now stand down and surrender or I'll use my concussive sad bolts!
So you thought you could out smart me and bring SadHam, Minions grab him and lock him in the cellar, I will give you to the bacon lord Mr. Ham
"You had your chance!"

Sadham then drops cosmic tears into the pool of sharks. The sharks now are under my depressed control. The chain snaps and he plunges downward until a shark bops him out of it and extends a heel to air-dropkick crazyman!
The pizza delivery man catches SadHam in mid air and gently sets him on the ground. "If you kill him then you're going to have to pay for the delivery."
I run in panic into the back room, i start to do a blood ritual to summon the almighty Bacon lord. As im doing that my minions start to run out the door for the 5 min have gone by and the base is starting to explode.I leave through the teleported in back and now you hav to deal With LORD BACON
The pizza man rips off a mask, revealing himself to be LORD BACON.
Lord Bacon Confesses that he only followed Professor Sad Ham because he wanted some raw bacon to cook, so he starts chasing SadHam, only making him even more sad then he was before, Lord Bacon starts yelling dont be sad, its for a good cause. They Are circling around the room as its falling apart.I Have teleported to my new base that i built with me mind.
Well I'm going to destroy your base with my rocket launcher!
Do it you mystical talking bear, you wont blow your self and i up!!!
I'm a shark and I'm really sad that no one has been dropped down so I can have a snack. I'm really hungry guys please
It's ok I'll drop CRAZYMAN down for you to it
I slurp him down, but it turns out I'm a roboshark and CRAZYMAN drops down into the cockpit and begins piloting me into the ocean to escape.
I start shooting at you with my rocket while gummyboi start shooting you with an AK-47
by the time they have started shooting at us its to late, we are 500 feet below sea level and now they have no way to get us,
I get a bomb in drop it down the water
your bomb has no affect since we are so far down
I get my sub and follow you
I get my sub and eat the delicious sandwich far away from your submarine which will explode in ten seconds.
Sounds like you have problems to take care of with another guys or you will drown. I instantly teleport sad ham to me because he is secretly my right hand Ham. Then we go to my under water base to come up with more evil schemes.
"I never consented"

I look at crazyman and zap him with my anti-gay rays
mike pence comes out of the rays and personally zaps CRAZYMAN
Ha, to bad it dose not work, for CRAZYMAN is not gay so suck it losers, as i drop SadHam into the ocean to my robotic shark to eat.
Mike pence repeatedly keeps zapping CRAZYMAN
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