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I bill you and you lose ten points of debt
I pay off my debt, all my years of farmville have payed off.

I call upon sadham to use his sadness, but he has been offline for five days.

I decide to break the fourth wall, allowing the team access to teleportation
The other team breaks the fifth wall in their rage
I construct a new wall, and begin shouting out 2-syllable words from atop it.
The other team replies with 9 shouts of power as they tow the tow truck for 14 points
You tow the truck for 14 points *rolls the Calvindice* that's two 4s, a 3 and a power call. You successfully tow the the truck for 14+3 points, and must also pull 3 new creatures from the deck.
The deck is wobbling, so I throw the ring overboard.
There is no ring, so the game is now played in a fishbowl.

I'm gonna take a drug test, make sure i'm not hallucinating

ok yeah i am good,
I wanna test the drugs, too!

* Throws a strop. *
I am currently dipping a breadstick in some cough syrup.
While you are distracted, I run in for a try.
I grab the toucan again and throw it towards you
Poodonkus triggered a black foul flag by using cherry flavored cough syrup, so now he must try to get through an obstacle course.
I light the coarse on fire

then I steal his breadstick
I run around the obstacle course and then cook some popcorn over the flaming course.
I get a sniper rifle and get you in the head....boom headshot........
Luckily I was wearing my bulletproof hearing aids. I am now angry and charging at Keembear.
I throw some jarate (all rights reserved by mann co.) at you before you make it to me
I was on your team, and by running through the fire I extinguished it all.
I slap him to get a mini-crit on his jarate

and steal his marshmallows
Poodonkus is charged with class 3 Flame-icide and is awarded 40 years in a privately owned prison.
(Dangit! He managed to post before me! Okay, uh...)
Poodonkus GUYGUY is charged with class 3 Flame-icide STEALING MARSHMALLOWS and is awarded 40 years in a privately owned prison
Roll a 20 sided die, even i get out odd i stay in

i got 13

someone help me
I break guyguy out of jail and steal home base for a triple goober run worth 50 points.
I take a rocket launcher and fire the almighty hamtart TM at you
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