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Banned for having a stray pixel in your profile pic.
banned for banning the person i was going to ban because he/she used a reason i already used
Banned for expecting me to read the whole thread before posting.
Banned for not being online as late as I am.
banned for staying up late
banned for sleeping in
Banned for not sleeping enough.
Banned for not being festive
banned for being festive
Banned for having inconsistent capitalization in your username.
Banned for putting a Santa hat on a candle.
banned for following the rules of physics
Banned for not following the rules of physics
Banned for enforcing rules when you're not an admin.
banned for calling moderators admins
/\ Banned for not realizing that on this site they are Admins.
banned because this isn't the ^ forum
Banned for failing to distinguish between mandatory and optional usage.
Banned because you aren't a bear or bear approved
Banned for bearing responsibility.
Banned for bad puns.
Banned for an even worse pun
Banned for saying the p word
Banned for 3 zomg_what_is_its.
banned for hating my dots
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