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you can mentally blind them

you produce 10% more carbon dioxide when you exhale
Plants like you.

The power to know if Trump offended someone in the past year.
You can know if he's alive without having to check.

The power to never wear out clothes.
By one outfit for life.

The power to know if an object is made out of something that will kill you, but only if you're dying.
you are poisoned, you are slowly diying. In front of you are two cups of liquid. one will save you the other will kill you

the power to breath through paper
You now have a cool party trick and everyone thinks you are cool.

The power to make your toes change material.
you could really freak some people out
power to asexually reproduce, but only after having sex
You could never make her pregnant on accident (if your a man at least)

the power to kill yourself but you come back to life at a random point of time (future or past)
You can skip a terrible era.

The power to speak in italics.
you sound more important because it stands out

the power to speak really small
Very sneaky.
The power to speak LIKE A TOTAL ASSHOLE
Voice acting career.

The power to get the taste of hazelnut in your mouth at random times.
Great if you like hazelnut.

To power to make one grain of sand disappear from the earth entirely, but only once every three years.
You are a scientific breakthrough by demonstrating how you can completely destroy matter.

The power to make any poison ivy you touch turn a desired color.
great for a cool magic trick, and impressing friends

i wish i could type without pressing the keys, it just looks like i do
You don't need to worry about how the keys feel.

The ability to blink as quickly as I want.
you can blink in the blink of an eye!

the power to always know when someone sends you an email no matter where you are
Know if you need to check email. The power to know if a dandelion is traveling faster then the speed of causality.
you know when to duck

the power to make it so people don't eat so loud
I mean if you're grossed out by loud chewing that's actually pretty good.

The power to know if something is forged/fake/etc, but only if the real deal is worth less than one dollar in value.
Counterfeit quarters.

The power to turn gopd into gold.
Typo intentional
There is a surprising amount of things named GOPD, so you won't have trouble finding gold.

The power to create perfect counterfeit pennies that will always be considered real, but you can only have one of them at a time.
You can continually make them and trade for real pennies, thereby building up a fortune of real pennies you traded for your counterfeit ones.

The power to come up with good useless superpowers.
You'll do very well in this forum, and in other conversations like it.

The power to know the 23rd character in the official oxford dictionary definition for any word
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