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out comes TV shows.
In goes me/
Out comes an amazing, pure human being worth the whole world.

In goes a goat.
Out comes Goat Simulator

In goes the state of oregon
Out comes the Great Flood.

In goes the Mojave Desert.
out comes the sahara desert

in goes a stoner
Out comes 6 other stoners.
In goes a pot.
Out comes a pan

In goes me
out comes two of you

in goes a cromebook
Out comes a chromebook.

In goes a mackbook air.
Out comes an IBM 5150, fresh off the shelf.

In goes an Apple ][.
Out comes the Apple III

In goes a solid block of concrete
Out comes a pair of cement shoes.

In goes a copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee.
out comes the wavedash exploit

in goes competitive play
Out comes raging

In goes Over the Garden Wall
Out comes people who have walls.

In goes the krrthrxk, eater of souls, destroyer of worlds.
Out comes a cute little keychain plushie of a black hole

In goes said plushie
Out comes an actual black hole. Bad luck!

In goes a cubic meter of pure magnesium.
Out comes an explosion

in goes my mangled body
Out comes a meat grinder.

In goes a pack of boneless porkchops.
out comes a pack of steak

in goes the square root of -1
Out comes I

In goes the fact that i^i equals a real number.
Out comes the fact that while not only is i^2 -1, but 1^4 is 1

In goes Tau
Out comes a raging debate between pi and tau, resulting in the useless average of the two pau as a terrible compromise.

In goes the mysterious, ancient, and singular number wau.
Out comes more math shit. i dunno.

In goes 0.02 mL of yellow acrylic paint
Out comes three grams of fiberglass insulation.

In goes a potion of Cure Light Wounds.
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